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Business Processes and email notification
Thanks Ronaldo, will look into your suggestions.
Business Processes and email notification
Hello, we have set up business process to create lead from enquiry form using First and Last name, send email notification and Bitrix notification to specific Bitrix users at the same time (parallel activities) and finally send an automatic response email to enquirer. However activities after parallel execution did not fire at all.

Lead entered into Bitrix manually will have First and Last name as Lead Name, however lead created via web form will use "Enquiry Form" as lead name instead of using First and Last name.

Lead entered into Bitrix manually will also have email notification sent to specific Bitrix users instead of sending to enquirer's email.

Here is the BP process:

New Lead email notification:

Send email response to enquirer:

Will also like to find out what does "Message send mode" and "Message template website" are for in the above screenshot.

Thank you.
Edited: Elaine Heng - 01/30/2016 14:35:51
Reset Possible Statuses to Default
Hello, is there a way to change/reset lead number? We have been creating dummy leads for testing purpose, now we have 4 actual leads and now latest lead (which is lead #4) is recorded as lead #54.
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