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Hosted Email and other email questions
Hi Yanda,

Ok, so I connected the imap account successfully. But the outcome really is not what I wanted.
Now when I click on the webmail button a new window appears and just redirects to webmail. Not the integration I was looking for.

I was hoping to be able to read the email inside the bitrix24 web app. Also having it set so when I send and receive email through my email with zoho - that all the project correspondence would be recorded in the CRM.

The way I manage it right now is to send emails using the contacts/companies panel and find my client and sel ect the action 'add new email' then type out my email (or copy it fr om other program) and use this interface to send email to client. This way it is recorded into the CRM. What is a hassle is recording the information I receive for customer/client, right now this is a cut and paste into workgroup or customer/contact activity. Would be great if I could find a way to record this email communication on the workgroup itself but I haven't found out how to do this (obviously you could have contacts/companies involved in several workgroups at the same time).

I would just love for it to record the email communication in the Bitrix24 system when just using outlook, apple mail or other webmail to send and receive my emails. Ok for example, look at the way does it, project participants can respond to each other with email and its updated in the system like a ticket. This is pretty common for help/support like ticketing sytem.
Hosted Email and other email questions
I understand that free email accounts are offered with Bitrix24. Either using the alias or using my own domain name alias. Now when looking at the plan it states that the email accounts are unlimited storage. I did not come down in the last shower. Nothing is unlimited (like shared hosting fr om hostgator telling me I have unlimited space). Can you please tell me what the 'ballpark' lim it is for email accounts storage?

I'm currently using Zoho mail and have 3 email accounts with them. Can I link to Zoho like Bitrix24 can link to Gmail,, Yahoo and AOL? Zoho has heaps of tools within their email hosting that I do feel comfortable to use. But at the same time, I would love for my emails to be going straight into the CRM instead of me having to copy and paste it in.

Would it be possible to use a 3rd party service like [URL=]Zapier[/URL] to push the email communication from Zoho and make copies of the communication to Bitrix24? Just reluctant to abandon Zoho when it's been so good to me.

Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
Same goes for me +1. Have been using Bitrix24 for quite a while now but never really made up a complex GANTT chart before. Boy what a surprise, it is absolutely FRUSTRATING! That's even when I layout everything carefully in a particular order. Just when I think I have it going right, it just takes on its own mind.

Sorry, I like everything else about Bitrix24, but it's project management tools are just not up to scratch yet (no dependencies or task percentage completion either?).
Sorry but I'm reluctantly going with Zoho for PM as I already use their hosted email services. Please get this working in your FALL UPDATE BITRIX, it's like having an 'Achilles heal' bleeding for over 3 years.
Issues with Workgroup messages, I cannot view workgroup messages from last year on my projects
Definitely not a storage issue. I have approx 1.37GB space remaining within my storage space. I will make a ticket with your help desk. Thanks for replying.
Issues with Workgroup messages, I cannot view workgroup messages from last year on my projects
Hi there,

I am having some trouble viewing messages in my workgroups that go back to last year. I am using the Bitrix24 hosted CRM system on the free plan for my small freelance business and exploring the features more and more as I learn how to use it.

Anyway I am using the workgroups quite a lot to store all project files and communications. When I exchange emails between the client, I copy and paste the content into the "messages" section of the workgroup. It seemed to be working great. I could find all the project communication and information in one place and not have to dig through my emails.

Now I just realise that I cannot see the messages that were made last year. I go back through February to January and then the February messages are repeated down the bottom again and I do not get to see any of the messages that were made in December last year at all. Can I change this in the settings somewhere or is this a bug?

I know it is possible to get and send emails through the Bitrix24 system but I couldn't do that because I had MX entry conflicts with my ZOHO mail server so I can't use this feature.

Thank you
Setting up domain emails in Bitrix24, I can't set emails up in Bitrix24 because of MX Entries
Hi there,

I can't set up my domain emails to Bitrix24 because I need to keep my other MX entries in my CPanel. I have put the 'yandex' reference in there but the others must stay because I am using Zoho to host my email. I found that I had heaps of issues hosting my email with shared hosting companies for reasons that many of your would know.

So I don't think Bitrix24 is letting me configure my domain name email because of the other MX entries. Is there a workaround for this?

Secondly, I have never been able to figure out your invoicing system and it hasn't really worked for me so I do my invoices in a word document and then send them to my customers via creating an email as an activity against the client or company under the 'Deal' section. This has worked well in the past until I attempted to send it to a customer with a Gmail email address. I have heard that Gmail is pretty aggressive at blocking emails that it suspects is SPAM, any tips on how to get emails generated from Bitrix24 more legitimacy so that over reactive anti spam filters don't block them?
Cannot upload files to drive, I cannot upload files to my Bitrix24 drive
I am using the web interface on my Macbook Pro using latest version of OSX (Yosemite) and I cannot upload any files into "My Drive".
I have tried using both Google Chrome and Firefox and I keep getting an error saying that the file cannot be uploaded. Does anyone know what is up with this?

I have noticed quite a few errors since the latest major Bitrix24 update. Makes me start looking for another CRM, sigh...
Email integration with Zoho Mail, Is there any way I can integrate Zoho hosted mail into Bitrix24?
I notice you have an option to integrate Gmail into Bitrix24. I use Zoho mail.
Is there any way I can integrate this into Bitrix24. I did try using IMAP settings but this did not work for me.

Modify invoice template ?
Please also introduce partial payment soon too please. Integration with PayPal would also be very cool. You have a very good system going on here, great potential. There is a few basic things (I think) that need 'smoothing over' first before you have a polished product.

Right now I have to offer all my products as 'half payment' products so the invoices i send make sense.
Modify invoice template ?
Hi guys,

I have had similar issues when working with the Doc Designer and find it very user UN friendly.
Are there any detailed tutorials on how to use it? A youtube video would be really good for this.

My big issue at the moment is how to insert more than 250 characters in the user comments section of the invoice. I need to use this area to append specific instructions and comments to my customers. How can we go about doing this when there is such a small/limiting character limit?
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