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Email formatting, The size of characters in an output message cannot be checked and very often is actually terrible
I am also struggling with formatting email templates.

What I see in the Bitrix24 interface is not what comes out the other end, once a template is used and sent.
Font type, sizes and spacing are inconsistent and 'what you see' is not 'what you get'
Inserting images is so confusing that I could not manage and adding links into email signatures on templates is also buggy.

It would also be very helpful if existing templates could be copied so they can be edited to fit a different group without having to start from scratch.

Am I missing anything? Is there a work-around?

This is a real let-down in the detail, when the system in principal is so well thought out.
Mail Merge, Mass Mail Merge for Leads
Same here. I am also looking for a CRM that allows to send printed letters straight out of the CRM. Without that bit of functionality, I am unlikely to use Bitrix24 for our Start-Up.
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are already using Bitrix24