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Good ideas
Hi Everyone,

Here is my ideas for new features for Bitrix24 :

1. Business meeting should be printed
2. Employee time sheets should be printed or exported to Excel
3. Human resources supervisor creates employee timesheets
4. Workgroup change for Projects
5. To print Gantt charts or exported to Excel
6. Attach project tasks from templates
7. Can create linked tasks (same as MS Project)
8. Ability to edit templates for Quotes and Invoices
9. Export reports to excel (HR, CRM, Projects, and others)
10. French language
11. ability to put a percentage to people used on tasks (exemple : Employee #1 = 25% Employee #2 = 75%)
12. Add labor cost for each employees
13. When the project is finished, have a ratio of costs versus estimates

If you need more information please let me know.

Thank you.
Edited: Didier Lachapelle - 09/04/2015 00:08:34
Task template linked to group
Yes I'm agree with that.
Please fix this issues for all user is very important.

Thank you!
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