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Can't access intranet despite email being listed as part of the intranet
Hi there,

One of our staff members was able to accept her employee invite in the first instance and then couldn't login our intranet afterwards although she's able to login the When she does, our intranet is not accessible in her account. We've tried 'forgot password' about 5 times and the email sent to her only has a link (no code) which when clicked takes her to a page which contains nothing on the page about resetting her password. It is incredibly frustrating as we see her profile but she can't even access the intranet!

When I check our list of employees in the intranet, she is listed there with her email address which is exactly the same email address that logs her in the However, when she tries to login at with her email address, we keep getting a "Error: no access to"

We can't delete and add her on again as I have read issues in the forum and FAQ about not being able to completely delete anyone's profile unless they have not accepted the invitation.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Any help please from anyone would be much appreciated.

Best and Kind Regards,
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