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how to make my own bussiness process, I don´t know how to start and I have no templates to look
Ronaldo, that screens doesn´t appears in my bitrix. I activate that in Drive but I cannot find them. Can you upload them for me?

business process templates
Yana, I did everything that you said but I cannot find them. I´m able to "import" bussiness process. Could you upload to me?

how to make my own bussiness process, I don´t know how to start and I have no templates to look
Hi, I´m a new Bitrix user. I´m not an specialist, just a user. I found very interesting the Bussiness process tool for my work. I watched the webinars about it and all talks about templates and start from there. In my Bitrix (spanish bitrx version) I have not that templates and not being an specialist....I´m on a dead end.
My question is...could I donwload examples of bussiness process to look at them and learn from done work?  
Outlook integration, outlook integration
Yana, let me understand. Why we cannot put for each user/employee their own email? How they can follow their leads or if one Customer calls and you want to see what the story of the issue that he´s taking about, how can you manage that?
A CRM is to take care of the Customer relationship and Bitrix surely has a another way to do it. Do you understand my point?

I apologize for so many question but I´m analyzing to implement Bitrix24 in our small bussiness and I want to understand how to make some things.

Coming back to the email integration for each user, have you plan to do it in the future? Do you have a list of future improvements in Bitrix and when would you implement it?
Outlook integration, outlook integration
Yana, yes! I´ll do it and I have some questions about that:

- Incomings emails, that is registered as Company, contact or leads will be automaticaly stored in bitrix24 as a story line?
- I register my email, and one of my employees wants to do the same but he couldn´t because he needed administrator properties (I didn´t find how to authorize only to do that). I gave administrator properties, he puts his email but....change my email by himself. The question can I put one email integration for each employee?

Best regards
Export / Import process, Export / Import process
Yana, regarding import contacts, companies and invoices, I would want to know:

- Perfect to import at first time, but if I want to update from my ERP my contacts once a week and I use the same kind of Excel, bitrix24 detect the contacts that already have or it will duplicate?
- How can I create an automatic proccess to update that files? Could I make an automatic worklow?

Best regards
Outlook integration, outlook integration
Thanks Yana, I apologize for the begginer question but could you explain me this:

"BTW - as an alternative Send&Save email integration can be used for new leads creation"
Outlook integration, outlook integration
Yana, do you expect to open leads and other things from outlook with a simple button? Saleforces has it and it´s a very powerful tool.
Importing / Exporting products and invoices to/from Freshbooks or CSV files
Hi, how are you?
I´m from Argentina and I´ve already have a ERP called "Tango Gestion". I´m analyzing to implement Bitrix24 but, ss the first user said, the invoice and products are so much to be added manually.
In one of the administrator reply, said that at the end of 2014 you will ad this feature. We are at the middle of 2015. Have you any update about this feature?. I think that the connection features are extremly necessary, and other CRM´s already have it.
One situation is added to me....Being in Argentina, I don´t have any partner taking in spanish that could connect Bitrix with my ERP (that speaks in spanish too). One company told me that we cannot connect our ERP to the clud version and we would need to buy the self-hosted version. Is that real?

Thanks for your support
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