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Custom List field defaults to "No"
From the base self-hosted is same as a cloud but you can customize that. But I don't see any reason for that in that case. Why don't you use the method above, just use the option Use caption when value is empty to and set that to "-" or "(select)" whatever you like. Plus you can mark that field as required and then user won't be able to save with the default value and he will need to select one of the list fields.
How to rerun configuration wizard
You can find the Site Wizard on top of your bitrix24 self-hosted. On admin panel there's button named Site Wizard and there's Cleanup Wizard to achieve what you need, cleanup demo data.

Custom List field defaults to "No"
Hi Raymond,

I don't see the way to get rid of no in that case. But there's some things which can help you.

First If you select required option for your custom list you won't be able to check no in that case.
Second thing you can do is set the option Use caption when value is empty to "-". I found that more informative then no, like value just not selected.

Multiple Responsible Persons
Any updates on that?
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
[QUOTE]Florian Korthauer wrote:
Thanks, Dimitry. But this does not work to remove "Chat and Calls" or "CRM" from the My Workspace menu... Can you give advice?[/QUOTE]
You removed the following items from there and saved menu? What's happen if you click on edit menu again, can you see that items there?

If they are not there, then you see now cached menu. You need to go to admin, setting, cache management and flush cache from there.
Is it possible to get quote fields on quote attached to the lead or deal for the business process workflow running for the lead or deal, I want to create business process based on quote
I want to create business process based on quote. Since there's no business process available for the quote directly is it possible to get quote fields on the business process for the lead or deal.
Edited: Dmitry Ipatov - 08/27/2016 17:21:00
Can QUOTE fields trigger an action?
Also interested, any way to trigger action (business process) on quote changes within lead or deal on cloud version.
How to modify the "My Workplace" Menu?
Just use Edit mode, use can find switch on the top on your admin panel. After that then your mouse over the left menu you will see edit menu button there, just use it.
Edited: Dmitry Ipatov - 08/27/2016 16:55:52
Gravity Forms - make CRM Lead and tasks, How to integrate Gravity forms into Bitrix
you can do that by using the bitrix24 REST API.
Edited: Dmitry Ipatov - 06/13/2015 10:37:18
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