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Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
Hello Yana,

I don't know whether I'm having the same issue or a related one, but yesterday I tried to send a quotation to a client by email from Bitrix24 (web) and it simply didn't go out at all. Today when I logged back in on the website, the e-mail went out, a day late. This is a business-critical function… any idea why it happened? Previous emails have also been delayed, but not for so long.

Shared email accounts
Yana, I would like to add to what Keli said — having forwarding addresses ([][/URL], [][/URL], etc.) is an important email function for many companies, ours included. If we can't control that feature, it would be difficult for us to do a full implementation of Bitrix24 across the company.

You have mentioned that email addresses are provided by your partner Yandex Mail. Bitrix24 also includes a feature to manage email from your own domain in the Bitrix24 application: [URL=][/URL]

Is that also provided by Yandex Mail? And also no aliases or forwarding addresses?
Shared email accounts
Thanks Yana, but I was thinking of the mailboxes but provided by Bitrix24.

Shared email accounts
Hello, is there any news about email aliases? On our existing email server we have several aliases that forward to real email addresses.
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