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CRM -- contact available to everybody -- access permissions, Is there a way to really make a contact available to everybody?
Hi Yana,
[TABLE][TR][TD][URL=]Faris Moalmi[/URL] wrote:
I agree with James, and I may be able to offer further explanation as I understood, and as it applies to my case.

We have a Sales Department, and Engineering Department, and the Executive Suite setup. Both Sales & Engineering report to the Executive Suite.

Clients are sourced and managed while creating the lead by the Sales Department, so the responsible person is fr om Sales. With the current scenario those contacts are only available to the Sales department.

When Sales close the deal, Engineering take over and they will need to access some contacts, and create some new ones. Contacts created by Sales would not be accessible to Engineering under the current setup unless the Responsible Person is changed to someone from Engineering.

Sales will still need access to some of the contacts, and this is wh ere the problem occurs. There are some client contacts that are "universal" - meaning they would be contacts for Sales, Engineering, Executive Suite, as well as other departments. We need a way to identify those contacts as universal contacts on the Bitrix system so that they would be available to either all departments, or to certain departments as identified by the responsible person.

Further access privileges would be nice, (for example contacts would be available for managers only, etc.) however not necessary, at least for us at this moment in time.

I hope this helps further explain, and I look forward to your feedback.[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]I noticed its been almost 3 months and no response. Did you figure this out? I have having the same issues.

Im having the same issue, In the company we have some clients that need to be available for everyone. The question here is: How can we create or edit the existing contacts making them available to all the users.

The goal here is to share some/all of the contacts in the database to everyone (This is our main goal).

Hopefully you can help us!
Thanks a lot!

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