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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Filtering CRM objects according to user group.
Hi Yana, is that implemented ?

We have self-hosted version but what do you mean by tags ?

Export Employees with birthday / full profile information
Hi, we are trying to export employees list to check who doesn't have birthday set.

The problem is that using the "Excel export" option, we only get these info :

Full   Name
Internal Phone

Is there a way to get whole profile info ?
Edited: Gustavo Andrade - 02/02/2016 21:14:11
BP Date functions
Hi, I'm creating a BP which compares 2 dates.

The first one is the date of document creation and the second one is a date entered by the user at the doc (Date workflow field).

My problem here it's the system is not retrieving the correct dates. I'm printing it and sending a mail to test.

Already tried :

{=Dateadd({=Document:PROPERTY_DQQBYPR}, "14d")}




{=Document:PROPERTY_DQQFKQJ}  // A Date/Time workflow field created to test it too

The email returns :

{=Dateadd(01/01/1970, "14d")}


01/01/1970 03:00:00 AM

01/01/1970 03:00:00 AM


If I inspect document, my fields have the correct dates I've selected.

What is wrong?
Tasks templates
Any news about the "share template" option?
Export BP/Lists to Excel/CSV
Hi, I wonder how to export BP's and Lists to Excel/CSV or another kind of file.

We need to generate reports based on this data. I remember to see this option, and already tried it.
Now It seems to be gone. Is that right?

Lists x Administrative workflow : when use what?
Hi Yana, I know you can create BP's at this 3 sections, but what I want to know is when create it inside Lists or at Administrative workflow.

What is the practical difference ?

Lists x Administrative workflow : when use what?
Hi, I'm trying to create business process and I'm aware that I can make both using a list or an administrative workflow.

My doubt is when use what. What is the difference creating a bp using lists or workflow?

Meetings and Briefings : Invite external user
Hi, is it posible to invite people that is not member of our intranet?

Maybe with an email or something like that or we must have to create an extranet user/CRM contact everytime we plan to meet someone external?

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