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CRM Ribbon
>In the UK it is always Lead then suspect then prospect then client.

That's why they need to allow a rename of the icons.  We are a non-profit working with members, not employees or clients.   In the US a "deal" might also be called an Opportunity.   Here "deal" has a somewhat negative connotation so most firms have moved away from that name   "Suspect" even more so.
Custom fields - Bug with Lists.
This doesn't seem to work for me.  I want to create a list of check boxes for member status.

The values are "never a member", "current member", "expired membership".

I create a custom field for contacts, set the field type as "list", set the design to "check box", turn the "required" check box on, and sel ect one of the values as the default value fr om the list tab.    Despite all that, I still get a "no" in the list of choices.  Is there a way to remove it?

The logic doesn't really make sense to me.  It's a required field with a default value, and "no" doesn't make any sense at all in the list.  There needs to be a way to disable that.
Edited: Chris Clegg - 08/27/2015 17:54:16
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