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Modify invoice template ?

Thank you for answering my questions thus far. However can you explain step by step how the [B]root admin [/B]can add me to app admins?

This has actually been done at a time before and see screen shot to verify.

Really hope this can be sorted very very SOON!

Modify invoice template ?

I have tried adding. See circled portion in screenshot below for error generated:

Still unable to modify template to suite organisations need or add a new Pdf template in DocDesigner.

Modify invoice template ?

Thank you for taking time to explain. It is very appreciated. Following our discussion thread:

1.      Portal name is (Agile P3 Limited).

3.      From your reply, i can imply that even the issue number 1. above wont be resolved because the default invoice template CANNOT be edited. I have however tried to 'add template' in DocDesigner but after filling out the information required and creating rows and columns of cells, saving or applying resulted in a message [B]'addItem: Access denied'. [/B]If i cannot add a new template and edit the 1 presently available, how then can this issue of having information such as: my company logo, address, phone number and bank account details etc present on every invoice prepared?!
Also following the steps u supplied, see image below for Pdf invoice generated. This invoice still does not contain the desired information as listed above.

How can i editing this external invoice by DocDesigner?

Kindly assist
Modify invoice template ?
Thank you for the response. I can see the correction for the part not in English has been effected. This is a feedback as listed from previous mail:

1. Having followed the steps for as given in your reply for editing the invoice template, i filled the fields with relevant information but on saving or applying I got the message [B]'addItem: Access denied' .[/B] How can this be resolved as there were still no changes effected to modify invoice to suite my organisation. [B]Please Note I also went to ‘settings’ in DocDesigner and have added myself as app user admin but still the same 'addItem: Access denied' on trying to save or apply changes to invoice template.[/B]

2. Please I await feedback when partial payment solution is available.

3. The screenshot 1 attached below shows the items in the sample invoice are arranged from the item with the greatest price (PMP Exam Prep Training fee: 155000) to the item with the least price (Discount offer -20000). However on the PDF format (see screenshot 2 attached below) the reverse is the case. That is its now arranged from least to greatest. [B][U]However, when creating the invoice, the items were selected RANDOMLY without any order. What I therefore require is for the PDF format of the invoice not to have ANY AUTO SORT but appear as selected when creating.[/U][/B]

Please kindly address and expedite action. Awaiting your response.

Thank you.


Modify invoice template ?
Trying to get my way around working efficiently with invoicing has been a huge challenge. This are listed below:
[LIST=1][*]Modifying or editing the template via DocDesigner has not yielded any breakthrough. Texts to edit are NOT IN ENGLISH and inserting items such as my company logo has not been achievable. How can this be sorted?[*]Some clients make part payment and capturing this on the previous invoice created to send as a payment receipt to client has also not been possible. [*]Finally, the invoicing automatically rearranges items from least to great. This distorts some my invoices as i created a product for discount with a negative (-) value. I desire my invoice products arranged as selected.
[/LIST]Please assist.
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