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A forced Bitrix24 signature in outcoming emails??, We've discovered today that Bitrix adds a advertising signature to outcoming email...!
If bitrix's norm is to include ads on free accounts at least do it in a way that empowers both the CRM and clients by replacing the phrase by something meaningful like "Sent by [URL=][/URL] - CRM trusted by almost 1 million organizations worldwide"

Just my 2 cents
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Hello Yanna,

A very important feature a feel is missing on Bitrix24 is the pipeline view of the deals like you can see on software like "Pipedrive" and "Pipeliner" CRMs. Also, the drag and drop between stages and hoover for info features are extremely helpful when you have a lot of deals or lead. Is there any work on this direction ?

Worst case scenario a color code based on status would help differentiate the stages of the deals or leads.

Other than that I love this CRM.

Giuliano Marinho  
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