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Convert from Lead to Contact / Deal, using Mobile App., "Converted" status in Leads view (in mobile) app, cannot be sel ected (fr om within mobile app), but I need it to.
Hi there, while I understand How To "Convert" from a Lead to Contact or Lead within the Desktop Application, I would like to convert the same from within the Mobile application, specifically Android).

Problem:  I cannot sel ect the 'status' called "Converted" from within the mobile app.  It's there, but it is visually different from all other status's (suggesting that it cannot be sel ected).  I am logged in as Administrator and I  checked permissions and see that I have 100% permissions to everything, but yet, cannot make the status change to Converted within mobile app.

If there is a way to convert fr om a lead to contact or deal fr om within the mobile app, please advise me on how to do it.

thank you!!!   John.
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