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Problems with Bitrix24 Desktop, can not connect bitrix account to Bitrix24 Desktop

I have used once bitrix24 for some time. Installed also Bitrix24 Desktop for it on my computer.

After some time my Bitrix account was deleted because of the rare use.

I have created a new Bitrix24 account and use it actively in the last time. I tried to conect to Bitrix24 Desktop, but it says, of course that my old bitrix account was deleted and offers me to create a NEW account. But! I can not choose there the already existing Bitrix account that I am using now.

So, I deleted Bitrix24 Desktop. Then downloaded the latest version and installed it again on my computer. Switching it on. And what I see? The same message! Bitrix Desktop tells me that "account is deleted" and again offers me to create a new one.

So, how can I finally connect my existing Bitrix account to the fresh installed Bitrix Desktop application on my computer with Windows 8?

Let me know ASAP, please.

Thank you in advance.

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are already using Bitrix24