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Tasks sync in outlook, Is it possible? and how
[QUOTE]B24_548841 wrote:
I have sinchronized the calendar using bitrix and Outlook 2013 and it worked smoothly
Is it posible to have the same kind of both ways sync in  tasks ? how do I do it?
It is a necessary option for us! thanks!!![/QUOTE]
How did you "smoothly synchronize the calendar using Bitrix and Outlook 2013? Please help with the steps you followed.
Features: Better Microsoft Integration (, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8)
Agree with Jason. We are a small business (15 people) who use MS Small Business Server and we make use of the LAN based MS Exchange Server. I am really battling to get proper integration with the following:

- 2 way email integration - so if I send an email from Bitrix it appears in my "Sent Mail" folder in MS Exchange Outlook client
- 2 way integration with MS Exchange calendar

Really need the "On the whole, we do not get much demand for intense MS integration as you describe" that Yana describes as not being needed. I notice that Jason's post was in 2013 - if these integrations now exists.... PLEASE somebody show me what is required. What preparations do I need to make on our Exchange Server to accept the Bitrix "calls" integrations. :-)
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