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Using the API for external applications with no user interaction
Ok, thanks Yana.
Using the API for external applications with no user interaction
Hello, I'm developing an app which is supposed to synchronize an external user database with the Bitrix CRM. The idea is to have an app with no user interface and no user interaction that makes use of the Bitrix API. The Bitrix API uses OAuth for authentication, which in a normal use-case scenario involves redirecting the user to an authentication page where the user grants the app access to their account. How would I use OAuth to authenticate with the Bitrix API without any user interaction?

Google makes use of something called a service account and a scenario called "two-legged OAuth" ([URL=]more here[/URL]). Does Bitrix provide a similar use-case scenario?
Integrate mail client into Bitrix's "Webmail" tab, The Webmail menu option redirects to an external website. A much more robust solution would be to provide an email client inside the portal

Please consider integrating email more tightly into Bitrix. For me this is a must, because email is such a prevalent means of communication.

I would like to be able to access my email directly from the Bitrix portal. At the very least I would like to see this available for the "Own Domain" email integration, if not for any mailbox in general (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). I think this is so important because on top of a basic mailbox functionality I would like to be able to easily create tasks by quoting an email, easily forward an email as a private message in Bitrix, or easily turn an email sender into a lead in the CRM (in a mailbox that isn't my "Send & Save" designated mailbox).

I think Bitrix is great, but the one area in which it's really lacking in my opinion is good email integration. I'm aware of the CRM "Send & Save" functionality. Please consider the difference between what the "Send & Save" functionality offers and what I'm describing above.
Notify when a user comments on a post that I had commented on earlier

I would like to receive notifications after I leave a comment on a post in the activity stream and someone else also comments on that post. Often people will respond to something I said in my comment, but if they don't tag me directly I won't receive any notification that they have posted a comment and I might miss it.
create an entry by email
I too would very much like to see this feature included. We just started using Bitrix and not being able to create tasks based on emails is a major drawback.

It would be nice to see one of the two in the near future:
1) Private domain (Yandex) mail interface integrated into Bitrix so that you can create tasks from an email by clicking a button in Bitrix
2) Functionality added so that you can forward an email to an address and a task is created from it automatically.
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