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Repeating tasks, How do I set up repeating task
[QUOTE]Jesse Biroscak wrote:

"Would you enable "recurring" to be an option even when simply editing a task, not just when creating that task for the first time? Sometimes I realize I need a task to be repeated every week/month, etc. AFTER I've already created it. You can keep the option in the same place (the "More" area), but please do turn it on under "edit task" mode. "
[/QUOTE]I am having the same issue. Sometimes I create a task and I notice afterwards that it should be recurring... and the option "repeat task" cannot be found anymore when editing the task... This really should stay available at all times I think...

Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Not sure how this is connected - but changing your gmail account password ususally helps. Change the password inside your gmail account first, and than try to repeat with Bitrix24 again.

[/QUOTE]Well, I was told that about 5 times by Bitrix people... and I have tried it once... but will definetly not change my password over and over because of Bitrix. Some of my co-workers have tried as well, but changing passwords is not an option for us anymore.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Rob Nanya wrote:
Too bad... I was really looking forward to having the calendar sync feature work.[/QUOTE]We did too. It was one of the features for which we decided to use Bitrix. I'm still hoping that it will work in the near future. Synchronizing Google Calendars can't be so hard.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Rob Nanya wrote:
OK I tried and still not working.
[QUOTE]The CalDAV connection parameters are incorrect[/QUOTE]
[/QUOTE]I have had the same problem. I was not able to synchronize the Google Calendar for the longest time. Then all of the sudden... (don't know why...) it worked and synchronized. But all my co-workers are still not able to synchronize to our common gmail calendar. They all just keep getting the "unusual activity" fr om gmail and that is wh ere it ends... nothing works.
I've contacted Bitrix many times... and I am still the only one that synchronized the calendar without knowing how it ended up working.
Hope you figure it out.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Sunny Wong wrote:
I've checked from my gmail mailbox, seems like gmail assume that B24 is trying to hijack my mail account.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]
My collaborators still get the same error. It's been a few months now, can you please do something about it as we still have not been able to syn our google calendar.
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Hello Yana,
Thank you for your reply. My ticket is ID=12821. I have not actually kept writing there as the last thing I was asked was to change try changing Gmail account password. We cannot constantly change our passwords for testing purposes. We have many passwords and therefore we cannot change just for Synchronizing our google calendar to Bitrix.
In the ticket ID I gave you above you can see what my problem is. I ended up being able to synchronize my calendar, but no one else. And my e-mail address for the synchronization is still wrong. I did a mistake by not writing the "dot" in my e-mail address and then I received a ticket on the helpdesk telling my to try without the "dot" in my e-mail.
I would really appreciate if someone is able to fix this problem as it is extremely frustrating.
Kind regards
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
[QUOTE]Benjamin Buske wrote:
[QUOTE]Ian Mackness wrote:

...i am unable to connect my Gmail Calendar to the bitrix24 system i keep getting the below error message

The CalDAV connection parameters are incorrect

i know that all my details are correct as i've just logged in with them.


your help would be greatly appreciated.
I have written tickets already about the Google Calendar Synchronization and no success.
I have been trying for weeks now to get the calendars synchronized for our employees. Mine ended up working by chance as I have actually made a mistake in my e-mail address. (I wrote instead of, which is wrong as my e-mail is with a "dot")

I am seeing all these messages on the Forum... and some are really getting old but the problem is still not fixed!
If so many people have trouble with this synchronization I don't understand why nothing can be done?

This will actually influence our decision if yes or no we will work with Bitrix in the future as we are still in "testing mode" because of things like that.
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