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Exporting Gantt Chart
Hello there,

we have paid for bitrix and we are using it for our project planning. we are also concerning about some futures we missing and which are definetly must to continue with our subscription next year. It is exporting gantt chart into pdf or possibility to print, properly working of parent tasks (inherit the properties, time planning, etc), Created reports available for all)
Other function we need is some dashboard for projects with online reporting about finished tasks, consumed capacities, charts, etc... available based on permissions.

So please, I don't know how many developers you have and what is your priority, but this requirement is here for more than year. And it seams you don't listen to your customers.

Also the helpdesk is going to be worst and worst. not responding for a week without any comments when they are going to solve my request etc...

So please Bitrix is very nice so stay on the side of the customers.


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