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Bug? Tax not getting calculated
You can add the VAT manual as a product, just some manual calculation ;)
Bug? Tax not getting calculated
I know this doesn't help anyone, but we seem to have the same problem with Tax not being saved to the invoice.
Looking forward to the fix ;)
Date conflict in Report (overdue deals)
Hi Ann,
Thanks for the feedback.
Any idea of an ETA of this fix?

Thanks in advance
Change default Currency in New Deal form
Is it possible to change the default Currency (drop down box) to EUR instead of USD?
We have set up EUR as default in the CRM->settings, this works for invoicing and reports, but a new deal still is USD.

Edit standard invoice template
Is it possible to edit the standard invoicing template? (ie with DocDesigner?)
Date conflict in Report (overdue deals)
The report "Overdue deals" assumes the start-date column in mm/dd/yyyy format, but we enter all our dates dd/mm/yyyy.
This is set in the Bitrix24 settings, we have dd/mm/yyyy for our date format.

How can i fix this in the report?
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