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Bitrix New Update Crashes Checklists and More on Mobile Web Browsing
Here is a screenshot fr om an example of one of our tasks that freezes once the checklist loads.  I have even created a new one as a test and the effect is the same.  Try it for yourself.  Create a task that has a checklist on it via the PC and then try to open it via your  mobile browser and it will lock up.  Bummer.  Big time.  Maybe you guys can see wh ere the bug is?

Thanks in advance!

Bitrix New Update Crashes Checklists and More on Mobile Web Browsing
So ever since earlier today when Bitrix released an update any of our tasks with Checklists on them freeze and are non-functional while using a web browser on an Android device.  We use Chrome and has always worked fine until today.  When we logged in we noticed tasks switched to Gannt chart view and since we switched them back to list view, we still lost functionality.  

When on a task that includes a checklist, we can't zoom in, we can't cross of the item, we can't make comments or click links etc.  I hope you guys can fix this issue soon because we have lost major functionality with our business because of this.  We use the mobile web version of Bitrix because the mobile app has minimal functionality.

We tried switching the view to "request desktop version" via chrome mobile and its still the same.  Any task that doesn't have a checklist in it seems to be ok, but every one of our tasks have checklists.  

Please help!  Thanks!

Tasks templates
See attached screenshot.

Hi, we really need the ability to share templates, or at least have them global.  We are using checklists to take tasks from the Sales Process(with reminders of things to say while on the phone), to the Site Survey Process(with tasks to check off along the way), back to the Sales Process to close the deal, and then the Installation Process(which includes take pics of install, upload pics, etc).  Then the task is closed.  It's great because the "Change Log" shows each user that contributed to each part of the process.

We need all of these steps to be able to be saved as a template so any of our Sales Associates can create a new task.  It's hard to do now, because any new idea in the process we get we would have to edit all of the templates saved for each user.

Any suggestions?  I see at least 3 other people have requested the ability to share template feature in this thread.  It shouldn't be that tough, just add an option in the edit template field as to who they would like to share that template with.  

Please let us know.  

Thanks so much!

Edited: Evan Galvin - 09/30/2015 16:54:41
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