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Bitrix24 doesn't send emails unless we open bitrix24 webpage
Dear Yana,

Following up what Gary and Mustafa were saying, have any changes been made to the fact that no email notifications are sent out unless you are already logged in?

I had not realised this was a feature, and was trying to figure out why I wasn't receiving email notifications.  It seems that no changes have been made to the system Gary and Mustafa discussed in June.  Can you confirm this is the case?

I really feel it would be beneficial for Bitrix users to receive notifications when they are not logged in.  If I have to log in to receive the notifcations then I may as well deactivate them and rely on Bitrix's internal notification system.  Assuming it is not just me, but that this is still the way the email notifications operate, what is the added benefit in having them at all?


Hugo Palejowski
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