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CRM: adding custom fields
Contacts can be tagged as follows: Belong to the accounting industry, specializing in Audits for Non-Profits, Quickbooks Payroll Expert, Licensed CPA and is also a Family Friend etc..

At times I am looking for anyone in our list that is in the accounting industry only & at other times am looking for someone that has a CPA license ( some are only experienced but not licensed) and is a Quickbooks Payroll expert .

The sky is the limit. Tags also avoid the need to have multiple fields as some contacts will be tagged with 2 tags & others with 10 tags.

Also need to be able to quickly and easily sel ect the tags you are looking for using a sidebar etc..

In general many other CRM's or hosted databases have this feature.

The same would be for attaching a contact to multiple companies as some people work for more than one company or are associated with more than one company.

Using a notes field will not work as it will miss the consistent date entry needed as when using a tag list to select fr om.

CRM: adding custom fields
Can you tag a contact or company with multiple tags ?

Does one need to create a new field for that & can a new filed as such be set up ?
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