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Select date in calendarSelect date in calendar

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Add new document in the online drive and use a default document format
Hi Yana,
Just checking in. Any idea on when they will have the Lock document feature back for the self Hosted?
Add new document in the online drive and use a default document format
HI Yana,
I am hearing rumors that Bitrix24 will be adding the Lock Document feature back into the Company Drive. Do you have an update on this?
Modify Phone field in Business Process, Business Process CRM Modify Field
Hello Everyone,
We have leads being created automatically into Bitrix from the clients website
We are using the Telephony
All of the clients are USA based and the phone numbers need a 1 added to the 10 digit telephone number to be able to dial out through Bitrix
I have tried setting up a business process to accomplish this as there does not seem to be a way to have the system default to dialing a 1 plus the phone number
I setup a variable called Phone and then had the business process set the variable to 1{=Document:PHONE_WORK}
Then I added a modify document and set it to add the variable above
it is adding a new Phone Work  to the lead instead of modifying the current Phone Work Field
Any suggestions on how to get this to work correctly in the standard cloud version?
Can I sync ONLY company drive to bitrix desktop?, Don't want duplication of files
Hi We also have the same issue. We have 35 Employees that will be working in almost a Terabyte of files. They need to be able to edit files Locally but we dont want copies of the files themselves on everyones local computer. How do we fix this? We have tried mapping a drive back to the server  that is hosting the Bitrix24 but then the desktop app just freezes. Please Advise. Thanks!
Business Process Calendar Event not working, Calendar Event
Hello when I add a calendar event to a business process it creates the event for todays date not the date that I am setting in the start date field. I have a custom field called Check In Date and when I sel ect it fr om the Document Fields list in the start date field and trigger the Business Process it just adds the calendar event for todays date instead. Any help on how to fix this? The format that I have in the Start Date field currently is {=Document:UF_CRM_1444661696}
Business Process and Field Setup Questions
So I was able to figure out the issue with sending the email with a delay before the custom field date. For anyone who is looking for a solution to this you basically ins ert a Pause Execution into the BP then Change the Mode: to Time then add this code to the Val ue field and the Date Field =Dateadd({=Document:UF_CRM_1444661668}, "-7 days 3 minutes") The {=Document:UF_CRM_1444661668} is the custom date field.(Substitute this for your own custom date field) and change the "-7 days 3 minutes" to whatever you require, if you remove the (-) symbol then it will run so many days etc after the custom date.
Hope this helps someone.

I am still stumped on getting a field to autoincrement everytime a new lead is created.
Any help out there?

Also the BP is not triggering when the lead is created from the webform - I have autorun set to When Added and When Changed but I still have to run it manually
Business Process and Field Setup Questions
Hi New to Bitrix24,
Setting up a couple BP's for the Leads in the CRM and have a couple questions:
Here is the flow for the BP- Lead enters CRM from webform- BP is triggered - BP sends an email 7 days prior to a Date that is set in a custom field.
For this one I cant figure out how to set the email to trigger 7 days before the date that is set in the custom field.

For the email that is sent I have a custom field called "Access Code" - I need this field to increase by 1 number everytime a lead is created, so for example if the Default value is 5000, then when the first lead is created I need the value to change to 5001, then when the next Lead is created it assigns 5002 etc etc

Any advice on how to accomplish these 2 scenarios in the cloud version?

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