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Daily Digest, Email notification of a "daily digest"?
I saw this question was last asked 18 months ago so wanted to check if there are plans to add Daily Digests as a feature.

We are new to Bitrix24 but have used BaseCamp previously and it was one of the features users really liked.
MailChimp intgration, Seems very basic. Am I missing something?
Just tried out the MailChimp integration but doesn't seem useful at all. Not sure if I'm missing something.

The settings just ask for API key and 1 list ID and then you can see high level stats about that list inside BItrix24.

As a minimum what I was hoping for was the option to create a Contact list in Bitrix24 CRM and then save as a list to MailChimp. We would need multiple (maybe 10 or more) contact lists in Bitrix24 CRM that we would want to mass mail to.

The next step to make the integration really useful would be to have the results from MailChimp fed back into the CRM (opt-outs, opens, clicks etc)

I have seen this with other CRM and email marketing combos.

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