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Tasks templates
I have a workaround that takes a little organisation but gets 80% towards the feature we all actually want.

1. Create a template
2. Create a task from that template but do not fill any placeholders ect that you may have put in.
3. Put that task under a project group named "master temples" (or whatever)
4. You can now go into a task inside the "master templaes" and in the "More..." drop-down select "Copy".

Again, this is a work around and crudely allows "templates" to be shared so that you can maintain consistency via the use of placeholders and the saved checklists.
Tasks templates
My company is currently considering the use of Bitrix and we would also like to add our interest towards the ability to share task templates / assign group permissions to task templates. Being able to have centralised task templates that an entire department/workgroup has access to, will make a strong case for fully adopting it.
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