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Google Maps integration - showing leads, contacts and companies on map
yep +1 on this!
Business process needed features, two features that will help business process to make more sense
Hi !

so i just found out that business process cannot be run base on a date or a field.

1- I think we need to be able to run a BP every monday, or every 2 days, or every month.
2- We should be able to run a BP automaticaly when a certain field is changed. ( right now, any field you change will fire up a BP and the result is that multiple BP run at the same time for the same action )
3- A BP should have the capacity to affect multiple contact, lead, deal , etc at once. ex: a task will be created for every contact that live in a certain region. ex: a task will be created for every deal that is over 10 000$.

Whitout those feature, BP is usefull but not so usefull as it could be !

Thank you  
Business process missing feature or not?, Can't find a way to do this particular BP.
I need to create this business proccess : Create a follow up task if a contact has not been reach (by email, phone , etc ) in the last 90 days.

I'm not sure if the field "last modified on" is affected when you crete a new phone or email but let say it does...

The problem i'm facing is that a business process can only be trigered when you add or modify the contact. That said, each time I will modify the contact, the business process is started and it look like multiple instance of the same business process can be started for a given contact.

So i'm stuck and can't figure out how to do this... can someone help ?

Thank you

If Bitrix24 was able to start a business process on a given date or every monday, etc, it would be much easier but this is not a feature for now..
Business process to run each day, Check if a deal close day is in 7 days
Oops!! the "while loop" is not working for a long time...
I hoped this would loop forever but it seem that after some time i get : [TABLE][TR][TD][0] Cycle limit exceed[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]
Activity Stream Widget Timezone Problem, Widget seem to be one day ahead

All dates look fine across all module but one place, activity stream widget !
Look at the picture, It's dec 9 but an upcoming event for tomorow Dec 10 seem to be today and it doesn't make sense!

If i go to the calendar module, everything is ok and the highlighted day is realy today Dec 9 and if I create any other items , the date is ok but won't be the right day in the widget!

Someone can help please? thank you
Business process to run each day, Check if a deal close day is in 7 days
Hi, good idea!! but i don't want to create the task right away..
So I finally managed to do it :) thank you

I added =Dateadd({=System:Date}, "+7d")  to a while loop ( see image)
Business process to run each day, Check if a deal close day is in 7 days

I'm looking for a way to create a business process that will create a task each time a deal has a close date in 7 days.
So for exemple :

Let's say i juste created a new deal and the close date is in 3 weeks from now. I want to get a new task ,added to the responsible person of the deal, 7 days before the close date.

I tried many things but none work.

Can you help ? Thank you
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