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Left menu items disappear

Yes i did discover the problem.  Did you edit the php menu files directly?

If so, restore a backup of the menu files, then edit the menus using the built-in menu editor.  If you edit the PHP coded files, and it disagrees with what the menu builder says to be there, then when users load a page, the menu breaks for them.

I made the mistake of editing those menu php files directly (Because a bitrix training video on youtube said you could) and that is what broke it for me.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 03/16/2016 22:11:43
Connect existing network folders
I never did find a solution, I had to move small chunks of files over which was a fun task for 1.4TB of data with over 1.4 million files.  The WebDAV protocol being used by Bitrix is even more of a pain, because almost no WebDav client software works with it since the protocol does not render the source document.  So if you try to use anything but Windows Explorer to access the WebDAV drive, when you open a document all you get is PHP code.

However machines running Linux have zero issue with this and it renders the documents correctly.  Quite simply the document drive, mapping of folders, and such need some work done by the Bitrix development team.
One huge flaw is unless you keep a machine dedicated to saving everything in the company drive with the use of the desktop app, there is no easy way to get a backup of files with document and folder names.  On the server side everything is just stored in numbered folders, and the documents are just numbered as well.  They don't actually have file names associated with them.  This itself is a huge problem if the Bitrix database gets corrupted because you have no way of telling what documents are named.

The way it should have been designed is folders and documents retain their true names server side, and a secondary folder gets created called "Revisions"  Then when a document gets edited, the previous copy is moved to the revision folder (which maintains the current structure) and just adds a REV01, REV02, ect at the end of the file name.

While we have been happy with the software, any company that relies on heavy document storage and editing, might see problems with how Bitrix handles everything unless these issues gets addressed.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 03/07/2016 17:48:12
Webdav settings

I've been trying to use 3rd party programs to map the company drive as a network drive on my machine.

With windows explorer it works just fine.  The problem i run into is that Microsoft office programs seem to leave behind their temp files in bitrix which show up in all the folders.

So to combat this, i wanted to use a 3rd party mapper like Webdrive.
However while web drive can see the files and folders, it cannot open any of them.  For example a test notepad document i created when i try to open through webdrive, instead of it displaying the text it typed in it, it instead displays PHP code.
I contacted webdrive about this and this was their response

Hi Travis,

This appears to be a server-side issue, and you'll need to configure it to
render the source document. Typically there is a configuration option to do
exactly that on WebDAV servers. Please let me know if you are able to get this

What settings in the php files, or htaccess files do i need to change so that webdav will render the source document?

I tried to follow the training guide located here under the section Authorization in the CGI Mode:

However once i make the changes, i get a 405 method not allowed.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Connect existing network folders
While going through a slide show as seen in the screenshot i have attached (The text in red is what states this and says "Folders on your local network can also be linked and displayed as document drives and indexed. Self hosted only").

It states that the self hosted version supports importing local network folders directing into Bitrix.  I assume this is without the need of the Bitrix desktop app.

This would save me a huge amount of time, as our current company network drives contain about 1 Million files.

How is this accomplished?
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 01/11/2016 20:21:38
Disable Delete Irreversibly
With the self hosted version, outside of setting a drive/folder to Read only, is there a way to disable the "Delete Irreversibly" option to all users except Administrator accounts?

Or anyway to edit to the PHP code, to remove that option entirely?

Basically what i want is for all users to be able to edit files in the folders they have access to, and only be able to delete items to the recycle bin, and only have the administrator be able to empty the recycle bin.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 11/06/2015 18:22:14
Unable to delete posts in activity stream
Fresh install of Bitrix self hosted virtual appliance.  All latest updates installed.  

Two accounts made given access under the employee group

each account made a test post to All Employees in the activity stream.

Log into administrator account and attempt to delete the messages

Any idea on what setting i have wrong? Screen shot attached.
Left menu items disappear
Attached are the screenshots and these are the steps to have the problem reoccur

User clicks the little gear icon next to My Workspace to move menu items around

User after moving items click the OK button to lock the menu in place.

If the user then clicks any of the links, the page loads, but then all the menu items to the left go missing

The only way to get the items back, is to move a menu item again, click OK, then you must immediately log out, then back in to have the entire menu re-appear, but when it does it is re-organized back to it's default state.

Be aware the screenshots are shown below in reverse order,

[B]EDIT: I have resolved the issue by re-installing the virtual appliance and NOT installing the demo data this time. Menu works just fine and allows users to sort it however they want.[/B]
[B]Tried to duplicate the problem after re-install without the demo data and the issue has not returned.[/B]
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/30/2015 23:52:49
Left menu items disappear

Sometimes, and i have never been able to 100% duplicate the steps to have the problem reoccur, when i edit or move menu items on the left hand side on my administrator account, other users when logging in will only have the "My workspace" menu and items, but nothing else.  The other menus such as documents does not expand or show anything in it.

When under my administrator account i go to edit the menu instead of saying things like:

it instead has shows a blank line.  If i click save, it reverts the menu back to default, and when people reload their screens all the menu items come back.

If i can get the problem to occur again i will attach screenshots, but the way it stands, i cannot move items to everyone's my workspace otherwise it breaks the entire menu for them.

Edit:  Note i am using the latest virtual appliance with all updates installed.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/28/2015 22:57:02
Office 365 Documents, Cant Create Documents in Drive
Just a quick suggestion about Office integration.  If Bitrix could support the Office Web apps (which is a self hosted product from Microsoft) that would probably be one of the greatest selling points.  Online document editing with real-time multiple users being able to edit the document together.  While microsoft does seem to be pushing to go Cloud everything, some times being able to self host it all is nice.
Two-Stage Approval Business process
Never Mind i discovered the problem and resolution:

The overall assign permissions were set to read only with the extended file and folder permissions turned on.
Because it was set to read only the business process would fail even though the individual file or folder had permissions set to full access for the test user.
Two-Stage Approval Business process
Hello all,

I have installed the self-hosted demo version of the product with the intent to purchase at the end of the trial period.  I wanted to give the employees in the company the chance to try it before committing to the purchase.

I have created everyone's accounts along with a test user that is given the same access permissions as everyone else.

I have activated business processes in the company drive, however the following occurs

My administrator account can launch the two stage approval business process on a document, however when i go to sel ect voters it only shows my administrator account under "Users" and none of the other employee accounts including the test user

When i log into the test user, it can launch the two stage business process, but when i click on the button to select the first voting user, it says access denied.

Any help would be appreciated.
Side notes:  Default settings are still in place fr om the install, i have not done anything special with editing permissions besides giving the test user full access to the folder and files on the company drive.

Also when i go to the business processes and click edit for the two stage approval, i go to template settings and under access it says "Cannot set access permissions for this type of document"
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/25/2015 05:02:12
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