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Call Reports, See quantity of attempted calls made, amount of minutes per agent and overall team

Can you be more specific on HOW to contruct the actual report?
Is there somewhere that helps you understand the elements of contructing the reports?
Terminated Admin- MOVE ALL TO NEW USER, Moving all data related from previous user to new user.
I had an Admin user that we terminated abruptly yesterday.  I have a replacement, but I need them to access all previous information, move all "owned" contacts etc...

How can this be accomplished?
Monitoring sales against targets, Setting up targets to sales persons in CRM
Any updates on this development?
CRM -- contact available to everybody -- access permissions, Is there a way to really make a contact available to everybody?
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi James,

Can you please advise why access permissions with "read"="all" do not suite you? If you could share access permissions scenario with roles - would be great (easier to get the scenario). Thank you.
[QUOTE]My second question is that after someone leaves the company and they are set to that status what happens to all the contacts that were assigned responsible to that employee? [/QUOTE] The contacts stay in your Bitrix24 account with same (dismissed) responsible assigned, in this case your admin has to filter all your contacts by responsible=name of dismissed employee, and assign a new responsible to these contacts.

Kind Regads,

[/QUOTE]Yana- Can you explain what you meant with the "access permissions with "read"="all" means?
CRM -- contact available to everybody -- access permissions, Is there a way to really make a contact available to everybody?
[QUOTE]Faris Moalmi wrote:
I agree with James, and I may be able to offer further explanation as I understood, and as it applies to my case.

We have a Sales Department, and Engineering Department, and the Executive Suite setup. Both Sales & Engineering report to the Executive Suite.

Clients are sourced and managed while creating the lead by the Sales Department, so the responsible person is fr om Sales. With the current scenario those contacts are only available to the Sales department.

When Sales close the deal, Engineering take over and they will need to access some contacts, and create some new ones. Contacts created by Sales would not be accessible to Engineering under the current setup unless the Responsible Person is changed to someone from Engineering.

Sales will still need access to some of the contacts, and this is wh ere the problem occurs. There are some client contacts that are "universal" - meaning they would be contacts for Sales, Engineering, Executive Suite, as well as other departments. We need a way to identify those contacts as universal contacts on the Bitrix system so that they would be available to either all departments, or to certain departments as identified by the responsible person.

Further access privileges would be nice, (for example contacts would be available for managers only, etc.) however not necessary, at least for us at this moment in time.

I hope this helps further explain, and I look forward to your feedback.
[/QUOTE]I noticed its been almost 3 months and no response. Did you figure this out? I have having the same issues.
Company Structure, Adding Child Departments
I am working on my company structures.  Once I get to the 3rd level, it begins to hide all child departments.  How can I arrange the company structure to SHOW all departments?
Application integration suggestions, Suggestions to creators for adding more API integrations.
I have a suggestion (or suggested) apps for integration into

I'd like to be able to integrate in Google Drive for document linking to clients.
Also, with that may consider Dropbox, Evernote, BOX, etc.

Also, I like the common docs section, however I'd like to link a specific document to a specific Contact/Company that is a client.  This way if I pull them up in the CRM as a part of a deal, or completed deals, I can see related documents directly in their "page".
If this is already possible, then I'm missing something and don't understand how to do it exactly.
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
I believe what is lacking is the ability to import existing PDF form into designer and map fields from there.
RSS Feed, Adding a RSS Feed to the Activity Stream
I think looking at IFTTT integration is VERY important for those that use BITRIX24 on the go!
Please look at adding this integration.
Product Form Fields, Fields
In the Products section, there is a FORM option for editing.
I can add TABS or SECTIONS, just not any details. I would like to add a drop-list and/or checkbox list of options on a second tab as to which VENDOR is the manufacturer of the product.

How can this be accomplished?
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