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Pinned Message or Static Page
Any chance to get either a pinned message capability or at the very least a custom block where we could put important information. One of the biggest complaints from users is that they have to sift through a bunch of posts to find the basic information that should be right up front. Really need something like this, it is the main thing keeping us from moving forward as our core system.
Chat Layout
As it is my organization does not use the Chat feature in Bitrix24 and it is one of the hold-ups on our decision to move forward and use Bitrix24 as our central solution.

The problem? The chat layout right now is extremely confusing for many of our employees, especially non-technical employees. Using small icons, especially if the use has not uploaded an avatar, with no names makes it hard to use. Not to mention for many it is hard to figure out how to start a one on one chat session. It is just not a good layout like they have been used to with Lync / Skype for Business where they see a list of names with the Avatars and can simply click on the name to start a chat.

Now if there is a way to configure that now, I am missing it. If not that is a suggestion. Have the option to go to a more traditional layout for the chat system. As of right now we can't use it as most employees refuse to use it. Which means we have to stay with Skype for Business.
Quick Links
Would be nice to have a quick links box on the right, similar position to the My Tasks box where the company admin could put quick links to the companies resources.
Pinned Message or Static Page
Need the ability to have a pinned message that is always at the top of the activity stream either permanently or timed. This would allow for items that we need to always be available for the organization to remain at the top and have easy access.
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are already using Bitrix24