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A couple quick questions...
I've figured out why it is that I could not previously get the variable subtraction working... As it turns out, you can't subtract 1 fr om 1 or the return looks something like this: ={1}-1


As far as what difficulties I'm having in general: I need to know the syntax of what I'm supposed to put in the action parameters fields, or PHP action. Nowhere, not even the aforementioned documentation, can I find that.

somenumberfield      = {=Variable:Variable1} - 1

Does it say anywhere in that documentation that you can even do that?

In regards to the PHP action, what I mean is, is it raw untagged PHP or not?

<?php $i=0; ?>
<? $i=0; ?>

Also is there some sort of variable access (to those variables in that business process, or anywhere else in bitrix)?

<? echo $Variable1 - 1; ?>
<? echo $BitrixHeader; ?>

What I'm truly getting to here is, as I said, syntactically, it seems that there is no documentation!

Please, point me to wh ere this is if it's not the case.

Also, why on earth can I not subtract 1 from 1 to return 0, and, why is there ever ANYTHING but a number in a number field?
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A couple quick questions...
So I've been testing bitrix as a solution for our business, and I'm having a little difficulty tracking down documentation regarding specific details.

I've also not found one repository, so to speak, of documentation that gives really in-depth information regarding the platform as a self-hosted version.

Here's an example of one of the problems I have:

Business Processes / Modify Document / Action Parameters / Condition

somenumberfield      = {=Variable:Variable1} - 1

What I'm trying to do is subtract 1 from a variable of number type, to be assigned to a number type field. This syntax refuses to work for me. I've spent considerable time looking for some reference as to the syntax (or way in general), but I have had no luck.

Also, I've come across absolutely no documentation regarding the use of PHP events in business processes, or the other PHP references throughout bitrix that I suppose allow you to enter in raw PHP.

What I mean by this is, is there a specific format for this? Some variable access reference? Any sort of examples?

I really need better documentation about these, and other, more detailed features.

Any help would be appreciated,
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