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Email Integration when domain handled by bitrix, Incoming emails do not appear in CRM
Thanks Yana, however my question isn't really answered and I would like to know whether or not Bitrix24 works like this:

- I have my own personal corporate email address [][/URL], my colleague has his email address [][/URL]. All email is routed through Bitrix24 (our MX records point to you for this domain). Outbound emailing is fine and history/activity is updated when we send email to our contacts.
- When a known CRM contact ([][/URL]) sends an email to me ([][/URL]) I need this email to appear under the history/activity for [][/URL] so that any other member of my team can easily see the communication between adam and I through Bitrix24.
- Likewise, if [][/URL] replies to an email fr om [][/URL] then this email should also appear in adam's history/activity.

I do not want to use a 'catchall' email address for the CRM because this is messy and prone to human error in not properly forwarding emails etc.

I have also seen similar forum posts about this scenario, without any actual answers.  I would have thought that as you are handling all outbound and inbound email it would be fairly easy to see wh ere incoming mail is coming from and assign this to the relevant contact.

Could you please tell me if Bitrix24 can work as described above or not.  Thank you.
Email Integration when domain handled by bitrix, Incoming emails do not appear in CRM
I am testing Bitrix 24 for our organisation and have a domain I have pointed to bitrix so that all incoming/outgoing email is now through you (or Yandex).  I can now easily send outbound mail for a contact or company from Bitrix's CRM feature.  This is all fine.  However, when that contact or company replies to my email, it does not appear in Bitrix at all.

Surely the whole point of delegating MX records to your own hosts is so that incoming emails can be associated with relevant Contacts / Companies and shown automatically under that entity's Activity log.  I don't see the point in having to still use another tool (web-based Yandex mail) to get my incoming email.  I could have stayed with google apps for that.

What am I missing?

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