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Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
I think an easy fix from your side would be to enable the TAG field to be selected when you click on "sort by". Now you only use Tag for searching, why not using it for sorting too?

If you implemented this it would be helpful in our organisation, although the problem we are facing is different, so let me describe it.

What we do now:
Inside a workgroup we might have 100 tasks. Then these tasks might belong to ten groups of tasks. What we currently do is that we create one task per group and have the relevant tasks as subtasks. We select "sort by:custom" and then we rearrange them manually. (thank you for allowing this sometime ago)

What the problems are:
First of all the task=group is not a task. Therefore we end up making it deferred, having no dates, and actually it never ends. Which means that each time someone wants to check his deferred tasks to shrink his list he has to skip all such fake tasks.
The second problem is that we end up using only the sort by custom view, and nothing else. So you have all this nice functionality to sort by different things and it goes wasted, by us at least.
Thirdly the results of the reports also show these tasks/groups and ruin the results.

What we miss:
A visual separation of groups of tasks.

Some suggestions, if you allow us:
The Group to be entered manually in each workgroup and then tasks to be dragged under this Group while in custom sorting. You could think of it like the separator you allow in the checklist, with the difference that it also needs a Title to be edited by the user and some kind of visual impact to differ fr om the tasks. Now if you want it to be also a task property of wh ere the task belongs that would be even better, and maybe we never need to use the custom sort again. In the meanwhile I don't know if the Tag field could be of any use towards such functionality, like for example giving the option to view by Groups based on Tags and then leave the sort by exactly as you have it.

Thank you in advance in considering this, keep up the great work you are doing.

Kindest regards,

Edited: Vangelis Manolis - 01/16/2017 13:12:34
Android 6.0.1 google calendar app malfunctioning when bitrix added
When you add a bitrix account in the android in order to sync the contacts and the calendar then google calendar stops uploading events to your gmail accounts. It only downloads events created on your gmail account. Since I can't afford to have my gmail accounts malfunctioning I had to remove the bitrix account from my android but would add it again if you provide a solution. I have reported it to google too although I would not expect an answer from their side since their app is working otherwise.

Let me know when you have this issue addressed, thank you in advance
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
[QUOTE]Ignacio Borderes wrote:
I'm still not able to drag and drop tasks, not even fr om the gantt view, do I have to configure something or maybe it has not rolled out yet, I see task dependence is there already.


Wh ere is says "sort by" you have to select "custom". I know what you mean, it is not obvious, I also had to search for it after reading the post.

Yana you should advertise this feature and expose it a little bit more... just my two cents
Rearrange Tasks (Reorder), How do I re-order tasks?
Congratulations on the "custom" sorting inside the Gantt Chart! It really solved a serious problem we had...

Also the fact that you can change easily the parent task, even if you have to do it one task at a time, is very handy otherwise we had to go in out of every task with multiple clicks.

Looking forward to see the feature functioning in the list view too.

Thanks again!
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