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Modify invoice template ?
I'll give you the list of common things I see in other invoicing software:

1) Have a dropdown of templates
[*]Because One company can have several brands and each brand might have a seperate invoice template
[*]It might also be that a template will be different based on the kind of customer (in europe the invoices are different when your customers are a business with VAT or just a normal customer without VAT)
[/LIST]2) Legal requirements must be in the template : see European union document [URL=][/URL] (check the "What information must an invoice contain?") part, this might give you ideas on how to shape invoices, because the US has the same requirements since this year.

3) Customer invoice number must be able to be customised : I for example use the invoice creation date in reverse and appending an underscore with the invoice incremental number 201504012_213 (I put the invoice creation date in the invoice number so that when a customer pays, I immediatly know , which invoice date he is paying for (otherwise you need to search each time...)

4) Allow invoice creation from the project view, that way the invoice can auto fill in the customer information, project name or description and the billable tasks.

5) Follow up invoices (Unpayed invoices should be shown at the top, and when a customer pays partially it should be able to enter each transaction untill the full amount is payed before flagging it as payed)
[*]For example: customer has a total invoice of 300 euro , he pays 30% in advance in cash, so I need to be able to put a record in the system that a user payed on date xxxx 100 euro in cash and then later when he pays the rest via Bank transfer I should be able to tell the system that I received 200 euro via bank transfer, that way there is a payment record history that can tell the accountants when and how payments were made.
[/LIST]6) A customer should be able to logon and see and download it's own invoices and maybe even pay with a payment system. (see pancake invoice system [URL=][/URL])
Modify invoice template ?
Wow I'm amazed after two years it is still almost impsible to change invoice templates in an easy way...

The product is user friendly for everything except at the end when you want to invoice...

And the default invoice template is ilegal in the european union in it's current form because it doesn't show the VAT number by default.

Is there a roadmap? Will it ever become more friendly to create invoices?
And why is there by default only one template to begin with?
Create some different templates for different regions of the world so that people need to put less effort in re-designing the template... (1 for the US, 1 for the EU, 1 for Russia, 1 for China)
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