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Tasks templates
I just began to evaluate this service like 2 days ago, and this is big stopper for me.

Maybe you can drop an email to:

[SIZE=13px]Damian Edwards - [/SIZE]Business Development Manager
07884 311750 | [URL=]LinkedIn[/URL]
+44 (0)114 4000 010 ​ | London: +44 (0)20 3488 0115

[SIZE=13px][URL=][/URL] | [URL=][/URL] [/SIZE]
Tasks templates
Hi John,

Here is the tutorial:


The concept is to use the workflow, create the project and tasks in it. But it is too complicated for me to design it.

Do try and if it work, remember to export it and share with us here.
Tasks templates
Another vote from me.

I been told it can be achieve via business process, but it is troublesome to create the process template as well. Unless you have the general PM process created like installed Leave or Travel approval.

Pls get it done.
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