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How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.
Hi: I have another problem with currency: I use Euro, but when trying to use sales funnel it only shows dollars, so, prices are empty!
Any solution for this?
I use the free version.

Kind regards.
Address Formats, Using International Address Formats
Your software looks great, but definetively, having the address segmented in different searchable lines is basic to do a good data analisys. We need to be able to zoning where the commercial job is done. For that we need postal code (zip code), address line 1(street), address line 2 (city) & country.

I suggest that you do the improvements as soon as possible.

And one question: Will we have to type all the addresses into the new format again??? What a waste of time!!! I hope you'll find the way so that the address will be automatically recognized and passed to the new format. Otherwise, entering data in your database means we'll have to do the job twice!

Time is gold!
Kind regards.
DocDesigner - creation of standard PDF documents using templates, Application is available in Marketplace
Hello: I have the free version and tryed to do a template following the steps, but custom parameters show different. They show four columns:[TABLE][TR][TD]ID[/TD][TD]Name[/TD][TD]Parametr type[/TD][TD]Default[/TD][/TR][/TABLE]I saved a draft of my invoice, but I can't see it in my journal or deals or anything, so I can't edit it properly.
Can you help me?
Thank you.
Price field will not save, Price field will not save in Product
I had the same problem. Thank you for the clear explanation.
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