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Case management in the future?, Bitrix evolution...
Hi Yana,

I'd like to add my vote for a support ticket system to the cloud version.

I've found that you have a feature comparison sheet against your competitor "Using Bitrix24 as free Zoho alternative". Well, Zoho has a strong support ticket system, even for the free version, and, once it is an important feature for a client of mine (I'm a business consultant), I am now struggling to decide what to recommend, Bitrix vs Zoho or any composition of both.

Anyway, the lack of a support ticket system are pushing me to look for alternatives. I think that this situation may happens more than you can figure out from the requests of the actual and potential clients. Many potential clients will not ask you for clarification or wait for a solution and will simply continue to look for an adequate solution.

After having such a good and complete solution, Betrix24 as it already is, I think it is not a good move do not add the support ticket system to the cloud version. You are saying to potential clients to continue to look for alternatives, and having it in the self-hosted version is not enough because who is looking for a cloud solution will not change to a self-hosted just for that.


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