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Daily Digest, Email notification of a "daily digest"?
Another vote for daily digest... I have an environment full of part time workers so having an email for each individual update really overloads the inbox. But a daily or weekly digest of the new topics added to their subscribed groups would be really welcomed.
RSS Feed, Adding a RSS Feed to the Activity Stream
Along similar lines - are there any plans for services like, Zapier or similar services to be able to feed into Bitrix? This would be able to direct rss into the activity stream. If so is there a timeline for implementation?
Use of video in wikis?
I want to embed you-tube videos in my wiki pages, the embed code supplied by you tube does not work. Am I doing it incorrectly or is this not a function? If so will we get it soon? I am a Bitrix 24 cloud subscriber. Thank you in Advance.
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