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Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Hi Yana,

where can we get the solution for Time Track/ Clock in-Clock out export / Report in xls?
Custom Fields in Analytical reports and reports viewing, Custom Fields in Analytical reports and reports viewing
Hi Yana, we have same problem here. However we cannot even install new updates to fix it.

Support ticket # 1018597

Since its not only few people but most of your clients, maybe you should send a press release how to fix it? Why with every new update we have more problems rather than fixes.

Anyway, thanks.
updates available but nothing happes, in Bitrix Admin Sysupdate, new updates will be shown, but no updates will be installed

We have same problem, updates are not installing in self-hosted version.

Support ticket # 1018597

Can you please help?
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