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[QUOTE]Anna Yakovleva wrote:
[QUOTE]I am not sure I understand the difference with and without the "Multi-Department" feature.[/QUOTE]
This functionality specially made for companies with multiple offices and branch locations which need to have a large degree of autonomy.

The Multi Department Intranet feature, available in BizPace Enterprise only, allows separate versions of the corporate portal to be launched for each division or department.

The best way to test Bitrix24 self-hosted is the  [URL=]30-days free trial version[/URL] . You'll be able to see all feature of the chosen edition.
Online demo has the most largest possibility (BizPace Enterprise)
[QUOTE]Our business is under 25 users but we do have departments so I am not sure if that is the same as the Workgroups or something else? [/QUOTE]
You can separate you company into the departments in every version of Bitrix24 in the Company section -  Company Structure.But Multi  Departament feature allows create autonomic departments.
In essence, each branch has its own intranet that can have a separate structure and design.  Simultaneously, integration among the departments and with the main office is maintained.[/QUOTE]
Sorry to revive this old thread, but I really need to know HOW to create these separate versions of the corporate portal. Every time I find it mentioned, it's the same text as fr om the website, saying it's possible, but never saying how. I've searched various parts of my self-hosted trial, but I just can't find wh ere you setup these separate but connected intranets per department.
Delete sample company info
I've installed the self-hosted version of BItrix on my local server, along with sample company data.
During the installation, it said I can delete the data at any time. That time as come but I don't know how to delete all the sample data. How do I do this?
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