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Adding External Calendars
I've got an external calendar on, and the link to the calendar is:

" [url]webcal://[/url]"

There should not be any need to add login or password, but when I try to add the external calendar, it gives me a message saying "The CalDAV connection parameters are incorrect"

When I added the supersaas calendar to google, it pulled the data easily, and I opened sharing for the calendar, then I tried to add the google calendar according to the instructions:

"The external calendars are synchronized automatically.
Once you save changes, the calendar page will be reloaded.
To connect [B]Google[/B] calendars, use the link in the format in the address field, and your login and password.
Please refer to [url=]Google help section[/url] for more information."

It worked fine to pull the calendars I created on google , but the external calendar from supersaas didnt get pulled into my bitrix calendar with the rest of my google calendars.

Is there another workaround or something im missing?
Is there any availbe version or support for Chinese localization?
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