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Employee has administrative access to the portal
So if I give administrative access to the portal to Company supervisor's does this means that they have access to everywhere, even my personal messages or tasks and others?

I just want to give administrative access to specific department's and under it.
How to get rid of Fill out profile -taskes?
So everytime when new employee registration to our Bitrix I get as administartion to my tasks section 'FILL OUT PROFILE' task which is pointed to this new employee. It's really annoying when I am creator of the task even I did not manually add this task.

How to get rid of these?
Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
B24 so that you have an option to set maximum worktime (right now you can only enter minimum work day required) would be fairly easy for our partners, but what's not clear what happens when the time is exceeded? What should be don? Warning screen to appear? Notice sent? It's not a feature that's frequently requested, in fact you are the only one who asked for it, so it's not something that we ever thought of.
[/QUOTE]I think that there is difference about people who need's it and people who come to speak about it. Maybe I am just only one who has asked it loud? Also I have already found topics about people who are requesting same things so I am not only one ;)

If you ask me I would make it so that after time exceeded it gives notification to employee who is trying to clock out and tells to him to set time manually to 8 hours duration. Then there is always original clock out time and other clock time which have been manually set by employee himself.

No I dont have selfhosted version as what we are interested is cloud -version of Bitrix24. Dont get me wrong. We are happy to have it but seriously, there is features which are important, easy to development and makes Bitrix even more better.


Most important feature is anyway still this that you could manually add working days and times to '[B]worktime' [/B]part. Also why there is missing excel export feature?
Critical Bug, Bitrix is showing some other profile informations on tasks

Since we have registered to Bitrix we have faced critical bug which is pretty annoying.

When I example make private workgroup and create new task for this group.
This task informations will be appeared with other employees profile informations.

It's really hard to explain, but I defenatly want that this bug will be repaired as it is so critical.

[COLOR=#0000ff]Example I made task "top secret information" and then I added there our leader.
So now in this task is part of me and our leader.[/COLOR]
Anyway after it was posted to this private workgroup wall it showed our other employee's informations on details.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=#0000ff]These red arrows are pointing to those profile names which has nothing to do about this task !
First of task is not named "Tino" who is one of our employee.

Also this task is not created by "Antti" to SEY (Extranet).

Where these names are coming from !?[/COLOR]
Worktime - Needs some development, Worktime feature is awsome but some urgent development work needed
Hey Hou!

Worktime is really great feature of Bitrix and is one of the main reason we choised Bitrix24 software for us.

Now we have found some urgent features which are missing and for what this time managment thing is kind of worthless.

1) It would be really important to get possible to export excel files of working time so those can be managed like reports.
2) Working times has to be able to edit / add manually even that some days are empty without existing time marks.
3) It would be really handy to be able to set maximum time duration, example that user cannot be working over 7,5 hours on day.
4) Also would be important to be able to set that over 7,5 hours working days require minimum 30 minutes break of lunch.

I hope Bitrix24 start develop this kind of features as I have found that we are not only who need these features!

We pay monthly about 100$ of your software. Hope to get it use ;) !
Invite Group member, Inviting members to specific workgroup
Please not that you cannot invite the employees (whom you have sent the invitation &\or who have already accepted the invitation) to this particular group again - the system will not allow you to do that. You can send the invitation again only in case if you've cancelled it or your employee has rejected it.

Hey Yana And thx for your answer.

I just noticed that system dont allow to invite those members who has already invited.

What I still think is that it would be more better if system would hide those members from list which are already member of the group. This would be more easyer and more logical.

We have over 70 employees and it's too complicate to manage those groups right now.

It's too heavy job to everytime go through all member list to find out who is not yet in group and who is there already.

I think you got me?

Workgroups. New group creation.

Would be really important that you can invite only those employees who has not been invited yet.

Right now we have over 70 employees in our Company and always when I want to invite new employees to one of my workgroups, I have to know exact name or I have to invite all employees again.

Maybe you can fix this asap?
Edited: Sebastian Rchidi - 12/10/2013 02:56:07
Company Structure, Multiple Supervisors
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
one with the 'top' supervisor only, below that one with the 'second' only, and below that the third with the other supervisor and the actual employees.
[/QUOTE]I am not sure what you mean by this? If I create subdepartment with supervisor, then all working time hours and reports will go to subdepartment's supervisor right? So how this will help me to get 2 supervisors to our employees who can manage them?
Company Structure, Multiple Supervisors
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Sebastian,

The option of creating more then 1 supervisor for 1 department is not available in Bitrix24. What you can do is build your company structure as it is explained above.

Kind Reards,

[/QUOTE]Ok but first thing is that this would be really easy to fix and seems like we are not only one who has more than 1 supervisor for 1 department. So I am confused why Bitrix dont want to fix this? One line code really !

Other question is that if I duplicate departments. It is hard work as always when we get new employee we have to set 2 x departments for him?
Invite Group member, Inviting members to specific workgroup
Am I right if I say that I can invite same user to same group as many times as I want?

It is now quite hard to manage workgroups as we have over 70 employees on our Company.
If I wanna invite employees to specific workgroup, I had to know their names before to do so.

List of members in invitation section is showing all members even if those are already in your workgroup.

Am I doing something wrong or is it just this way?
Edited: Sebastian Rchidi - 12/03/2013 02:41:59 (Modifying text)
Company Structure, Multiple Supervisors
So if I understood right I can make only one person supervisor? This is kind of strange as we have over 70 employees and many teams. Our agents dont have only 1 supervisor, they might have few of them.

Example now it would be very important that both of our supervisors can confirm agent's working times.
Now I can set only one to approve those >.< It would be very good if both can make it happen.
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