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How to use UTM fields
I see in deals view some new fields. I like use then to report the source of campaings but i dont know how this work.

The fields are utm source, utm campaign, etc. Iam using personalized forms in my website with the resta API

I can register this in crm deals?

Integrate chat bot in openchannels
Ok, are there any documents that will help me configure chat bot with openchannels?
Integrate chat bot in openchannels

Iam try openchannels and works fine but i like to implement chatbots to responses the webchat and facebook comments.
There is some app to do this? or some external bot to can integrate with bitrix24 to make this?

" Form constructor on any site" stop working
I use the app "Form constructor on any site" but since four days ago this stop working. This don´t work in my web, when i complete the form this ginme a token error

in the crm the acces disapper


I unistall but this still figure in my apps

If i delete i can´t back to install

Edited: David Casco - 05/23/2016 20:30:20
Business process
I try to make a business process to converte lead contact but i don´t know how do this

The process i try to do is like the diagram attached

Sales funnel for deals dont update, Thh info in graph is not real
In Sales funnel for deals the info is incorrect.

I put 3 deals in stage "Proposal/Price quote", and later correct this to "Waiting for details"

In funnel still show me 3 in "Proposal/Price quote". The correct number is 0

How i can correct this?
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