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Opening spreadsheet in Bitrix creates problem when next opening in Google Docs
Hello, I have a problem that I was wondering if anyone could address.

One of my users has a large spreadsheet, but not large enough to cause the problem I will describe..  The user opens the spreadsheet in the Bitrix browser applet and saves it.  When they then next open it in Google sheets, they find that they have exceeded the maximum cell count.  I *believe* that the problem may be related to this: [URL=][/URL]. My guess is that perhaps the Bitrix app is either:

1) storing data like formatting in a hidden cell way outside of used cells
2) making some other cell, or filling in whitespace
3) both

Such that when opened next in Google docs, Google thinks its too big.  He can manually delete all the unused whitespace in the sheet to get around the problem but its a hassle.

Can anyone comment or offer a suggestion on how to fix?

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance, Assign or add (manually and forcibly) users to Workgroups - NOT invite and wait for acceptance
+1 Having a two-step process is difficult because you have to remember to do the second part later and seems very un-intuitive.


Mark Lachniet
Help with generating leads (or equivalent) while hiding other CRM functions

I am currently working on a cloud (hosted by Bitrix24) instance with a Standard license.

What I want to do is essentially to make a "communicate with us" type function that is easily found and used with minimum complexity for users.

Ideally it will work like this:

1)  Intranet, Extranet and ideally non-system users will have a way to create a "Send a Help Request" of some kind that will capture the variables and fields I need, things like drop-downs for type of request, date required, etc.

2)  It creates a task for one or more people based on this help request

I understand how to do this with CRM using leads.  So for example I can submit a new lead, and it will create a task for the user I want.  This is fine, but this is the ONLY CRM function we want people to see.  The problem I have with it right now is that:

1)  Its complicated and has multiple steps.  I don't want people to have to go into the CRM list and find the "add lead" function by themselves.  I'd like it to be linked right off of a user's main page.  Ideally I could create objects that are LIKE leads, but with different fields and a different name.  Better yet, some way to do this that doesn't use CRM at all.

2)  I don't see any way for non-authenticated users to do this - ideally we could allow unknown Internet users to generate these tickets/tasks for us somehow.  I can actually live without this requirement if absolutely necessary.  I do understand that I could set up my own web server and use the REST API to do this, but it adds a lot of complexity I would like to avoid, not to mention a different web server.  I also understand that creating system events based on an incoming e-mail may not be possible, although that would easily solve my problem if I could just create tasks with the full text of the emails whenever they come in.

Hopefully this is clear enough, and I apologize if this has already been documented but I have been trying to find documentation on this for some time and am not finding it.

I appreciate any time you may be able to spare to help me,

Mark Lachniet
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