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Meeting and Briefs Issue, Meeting and Briefs Issue, Time resets to 2:30 hour ahead of actual time
I am having the same TIME issues with templates. I double check and tried different time setting and the task as always created hours before the time I actually want them to happen.

It seems that there is a problem with the Time ZONE settings.
Recurring Tasks After Deleting Templates, We have several old recurring tasks which keep self-generating, even though the templates have been deleted.
We had this problem as well. I had to "hire" the user again and then go into his tasks > templates and delete the templates form the user. Not the best thing, as when we dismiss someone all his templates should get inactive.

Know before I dismiss someone I go to his tasks and clean thing up before actually dismissing the user.

Hope it helps.
Budget Tracking for Projects, How to track budgeting for projects
Hi Yana,

I guess what most of the users need is to able to understand how to best practice with the Tasks and Estimate Time and Planned time. I am going to watch the Project and Task webinar next week and hope to see a hands on, [B]of the best practices[/B] of using this tools with Bitrix. You guys might have a better way of thinking and need to shows us (the tutorials are not of any help at this point they are to basic).

As a suggestion it should focus 2 examples that everybody might benefit from:

A project with defined milestones as:

Webdesign Project
[*]Fase 01 Site Map
- Task 01, 02...

[*]Fase 02 Wireframe (need to complete last fase to start this)
- Tasks 01, 02, 03...

[*]Fase 03 UX (need to complete last fase to start this)
- Tasks 01, 02...

[*]Fase 04 Development (need to complete last fase to start this)
- Task 01, 02...
Another example should be lets say a Marketing campaign with this idea:

[*]Fase 01 - Planning
Task 01, 02...

[*]Fase 02a - Social Strategy (can happen after the fase 01 simultaneously the fase 02b)
Tasks 01, 02...

[*]Fase 02b - Inbound Strategy can happen after the fase 01 simultaneously the fase 02a)
Task 01, 02...

We should have to set [B]Time Planned[/B] for every [B]fase[/B] and each [B]tasks[/B]. Than we should know how [B]manny hours our employees have been designed to work[/B] on this and will know how many hours [B]they have free for other activities[/B].

Did I made myself clear? If you need more clarification Ill be glad to help.
Budget Tracking for Projects, How to track budgeting for projects
Hi Yana, on the road map for 2016 we saw that you are planning on implementing some kind if Resource tracking or Project Budget feature to be released. Do you guys have a date for this release. we are re-planning our full agency process inside Bitrix and this would be a huge and necessary improvement. Just need to know a time frame to calm down nerves of our Project Managers and keep the work flowing with some side tools while this is not released.

Ill try to write a full explanation of what we need that might help your IT team and everyone.

We all appreciate an estimate Time Frame on this subject.

Tasks templates
Hi, we've find out a way to have Tasks Templates For everyone on the team.
[*]We created a Workgroup Called Templates (Give it access for the people on your team that need those templates);
[*]Create the Tasks with the Subtasks as you like to have as your Template inside the Template Group (its a normal task);
[*]When you are happy with the Task and Subtasks Structure select the main task with all the subtasks inside (dont open) and click on "copy"
[*]Adapt the name of the main task to what suits best;
[*]Select this brand new Template/Copy created and Expand the three (click on the +) and check all the Tasks and Subtasks;
[*]Now you can change the creators, responsible and workgroup to send the task to your team.
[*]Every one can go to this template Workgroup and do this for as many tasks as they want.
[/LIST]Not the Templates shared that everyone asks but works nicely and everybody can go and grab the templates they want.

hope it helps

Best André
Group tasks in calendar, Is there any way to view tasks other than my own in a calendar?
+1 for me on beeing able toi see everybody My Tasks calendar.

Hi I really need the option to see everyones "My Task" as a favourite calendar. That should make Bitrix the ultimate Task and project management.

Can you put a +1 for me in this please.
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