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SIP Connector Error
Hi there,

We have recently run into an issue with our SIP connector which is giving us an Error 408.

We make outbound calls but all inbound calls state that the number is unavailable.

Our service providers who set up the SIP Connector state that all settings are correct and that there should not be an issue - we have even been using this SIP Connector for almost an entire year without issue until recently.

Has anybody else experienced problems like this?
SIP Connector error, SIP Connector constantly disconnects randomly from Bitrix
We have recently connected our SIP with Bitrix but it constantly disconnects at random times.
The disconnects are usually between every 2-7 days.
It's extremely annoying as we have to constantly check whether or not it is connected otherwise we will receive no calls from our clients.

We have raised this issue with the helpdesk and there has been no solution.
Is there anybody else who could possibly help us?
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