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What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Hi Yana,
I have a cloud version trial account, i have give a try and i saw the Bitrix.Mail feature who really captivate my boss, but when we give a try to the hosted version, the feature wasn't there more... and this is not ok for us. bellow captures represent the difference we are talking about.
Edited: IMELE Thierry Valery - 01/25/2016 19:50:42 (path to my computer were clearly exposed)
Hosted Email and other email questions
Hi All,
Bitrix24 email hosting and attaching your own domain, only work in Cloud Edition of Bitrix... that point need to be clear.
What benefits you found moving from Cloud to SelfHosted?
Hi Owais,
Based on what i read in the pdf comparison chart, one of features who can help our company to take a decision to purchase is missing on hosted version.
The feature is the "Mailbox with your own domain" aka Bitrix.Mail in Cloud version, that feature is missing and that is what taking us out of On-Premise deployment... we have around 500+ users and honestly our preference is for Hosted version because of high level of customization, more flexibility on backup, etc.
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