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MS Office Online or Google Docs not configured
[QUOTE]Manuel Lange wrote:
Thank you! this info wasnt found anywhere else...

Do you use this yourself? What features exactly do you get if you have this activated? Does every bitrix user require his own Microsoft/Office365 Account or can they use it without any login?

Best Regards[/QUOTE]
Hello Manuel,

Is it not needed an Office 365 account/license since in this case you are using the free MS editing tools. As far as I know you just need one main account to configure the app in the developer page, then everybody can access using their own (free) Live account: will be asked only one time for the first edit for each bitrix account.

The editor is like a real office client, of course with some limitations but in my case it is enough.
MS Office Online or Google Docs not configured
You have to go to Settings - System settings - Module settings - Social Website Integration  and then configure Google or LiveID fields. Once configured you can enable them using the checkbox.

To configure Google you have to go to the [URL=]developer page[/URL] , create a new project, and apply for OAuth2 credentials (the ones to ins ert in to bitrix). "Authorized JavaScript origins" can be empty. You also have to enable Admin SDK and DriveApi

To configure LiveID you have to go to [URL=]ms developer page[/URL] , create a new app, ins ert your domain name and the redirect url (it is written inside bitrix). Copy-Paste the generated ID and key in to bitrix.

Enable them by clicking on the checkbox on the top.
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