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Cant sync Bitrix24 Calendar with Google Calendar, Bitrix24 calendar showing 404 not found when trying to sync to google calendar
[SIZE=12pt]I am still having trouble with the Bitrix24 calendar syncing to my google calendar.

Shows exclamations and 404 not found on the calendar list on the right and at other times the list shows ticks but not syncing and not showing events from
the CRM onto Bitrix24 calendar.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting and I have tried changing google to trust less secure apps but still seem intermittant on the sync.

Any ideas what to do to sort this problem?


Edited: Richard Duff - 06/14/2017 20:26:05 (added screen shot)
Google Calendar Sync stopped working, Calendar not Syncing
It suddenly started to work for a day without changing anything on google or Bitrix24 but has now failed again this time wiht 404 not found

please advise
Google Calendar Sync stopped working, Calendar not Syncing

Bitrix24 Calendar has stopped syncing to Google calendar with error 200 - no updates any more

tried disconnecting and reconnecting Google calendar and looks OK on the Bitrix24 Calendar page wiht no errors now but not syncing to Google

Tried setting Google access to allow less secure apps to have access but still not syncing to Google Calendar

Please advise
Repeat tasks and events on Google Calendar, Synchronising repeat tasks from Google calendar or outlook not working still
When is there going to be a fix for repeat calendar events where they can be entered on Google or Outlook calendar as falling on the 3rd tues of the month and repeating monthly but cannot replicate this in Bitrix resulting in incorrect dates appearing in Bitrix calendar?

This is a common requirement for calendar events that repeat for example evening networking events that always fall on the same day of the week monthly not 4 weekly so its a choice of the first second third or fourth day of the week - mon tues wed thurs etc

last friday of the month for example.

This is available in the calendars that sync to bitrix but because bitrix calendar cannot handle this repeat method the date is entered incorrectly

Thanks Richard
Forum improvements, Forum
Think I might have found the problem but not aware how I got there

Seems there is a subsription option to forum top level topics and I appear to be subsribed to CRM as well as few other

Not sure when or how this was set up but deleted them now and see if the emails now stop

fingers crossed
Forum improvements, Forum
In Fact I am getting notification emails to topics that I am not subscribed to

in particular the CRM where I have new email today on topics that are new and not created by me or subsribed to by me

Where do I unsubscribe from new topics please?
Forum improvements, Forum

It would be usefull to search the forum for all posts posted by the user.

I am trying to unsubsribe fr om all the emails I am getting and there does not seem to be an easy way to find where I am subscribed to posts except by going through them one by one.

I am still getting emails from posts wh ere I am not subscribed also

CRM: adding custom fields
Tags I find very quickly get out of hand.

They are available on some CRMs as a short cut to searching for groups of contacts but quickly become unusable because new tags appear and become duplicated or entered


In any database it is important to start fr om the end point - before entering any data decide how you would like to be able to search and select sub sets of the data. set up

custom fields and be done with it.

I struggle to understand the usefullness of free form tags - they exist wh ere a CRM does not have good custom fields in my experience

A forced Bitrix24 signature in outcoming emails??, We've discovered today that Bitrix adds a advertising signature to outcoming email...!
Hi Owen

I have given up with the email sending from within Btrix24 as too many problems and issues.

I do use the send and save feature and send a copy of all outgoing emails to Bitrix24 via the BCC field in Outlook - this works and is reliable - Outlook is the default business email
service in the UK and everyone uses it or at least can read emails sent from Outlook. Bounces report properly as well. Sometimes I guess at a prospects email address and when it
bounces I know to try a different format.

I forward the recieved email from client to Bitrix24 but have to add the [CID#13] in the subject line to get it to attach to the correct leads or contact.

For the moment this gives me the safest and most reliable compromise

Just wish there was a proper integration with Outlook like with Zoho CRM

Also meeting invites are standard from within Outlook and I have yet to  find a way to link this to Bitrix24 CRM. This feature of Outlook is very  much used to confirm meetings.

Bulk record update, record update

I am trying to change the responsible person for all leads where that person is the responisble person as he has left the company and want to assign the leads to another person in bulk

How do I do this please?
Using Skype for phone calles
I am having the same problem - clicking on the telephone number takes me to the Bitrix24 telephone IP service and I want to use my Skype account

How do I do that?
Email formatting, The size of characters in an output message cannot be checked and very often is actually terrible
Hi Yana

I have the exact same issue and have posted a similar problem on the forum. Sending emails from the bitrix24 CRM has a number of frustrations.

setting up templates also is very dificult as the font size colour and type is not easy to set and only changes when you save the template. the sent email template looks completely
different when received especially on font and colour and spacing.

The other problem is sending to spam or junk and bounced emails - there is no return path for a bounced email when sent from within the CRM and this is a big problem.

The upside is you can add pictures as html properly rather than outlook which sends them as attachements so that email signatures wiht a logo are easy to do in Bitrix24.

I am currently sending emails from outlook and BCC copy to bitrix crm email address so that I get a copy in the CRM - the return email I will have to send to the CRM as well but this is
more tricky as you have to put the [LID#0-0] or contact ID in the subject line to ensure it ends up wiht the crm record.

I would much rather send from within Bitrix but cannot see how I can do this reliably as the email templates are impossible to work with

A forced Bitrix24 signature in outcoming emails??, We've discovered today that Bitrix adds a advertising signature to outcoming email...!
Hi Yana

Agree with Trevor but other problems with CRM email integration are realling starting to steer me away from using Bitrix

1. Bounced emails sent from the Bitrix CRM do not report back to the sending email address that the email was sent to an invalid email address.
   this means a mistype on the email address can lead to assuming the client has received the email and he has not

2. Emails going to spam folders due to incorrect email formating or adware.

3. Absolutley horrid email editor that makes formating an email very tedius and when you eventually get it looking OK and send it - it looks completely different at the receivers end.

4. Sent emails from Bitrix24 received at the senders outlook inbox as well as the recipients inbox - not sure why?

On the plus side the email templates are available on the 'free' version and are very useful.

I work with outlook for email and  most UK companies are on an outlook exchange server - all we want is to link this to the Bitrix CRM but this seems to be a bit clunky


Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24
Hi Yana

I am not sure what you mean by integrated mail apps?

This is mail chimp and others which deal with email lists for bulk mail sent

My problem is a single email to a client from the CRM integrated with outlook that arrives in the junk/spam folder

I trying to understand what in the sent email is causeing outlook to mark the received email as spam?

Is it the footer - maybe the word 'free' this is quite often seen as a spam email when the word is detected.

Or is it the sender?

Not sure how I check this

Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24
While I am on this subject of sending emails from Bitrix24

The choice of fonts for sent emails is limited and setting font size seems to be fraught with problems - there does not seem to be a way to preview how the sent email will look
except by sending it to you own email address

then if it gets past the spam filter you find the font looks horrible and the size is wrong

Not sure how to improve this but it is a problem


Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24
I have also tested sending without the template or images and it still goes to spam / junk folder

also why does it send an email to the sending email address as well?

I get a copy of the sent email to the sending email address on outlook as well

Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24
Hi Yana

I have set up another Bitrix24 site for a company but am having a few problems with Email. The sent emails are ending up in the Junk folder on the recipients outlook email account.

I am using a template with company image with path to a hosted image on my own website as that seems the only way to get the image to work - This worked fine in the past for another
company I set up.

I find the email editor difficult to work with for sending emails - ie formating the text size colour and font however I have to use it as it allows for the templates and the attachement of Bitrix24 docs and also leaves a record of emails sent against the record.

How do I ensure emails sent from within Bitrix24 do not go to spam at the recipients end?

I am using our own company domain and have set up integration of mail using integration option email services and exchange account for the companies name

Also are there any plans to improve the email editor - needs to be able to go bigger and have more options.


Importing data into Bitrix24, Field mapping on import and conversion
Hi Yan

When importing new data into Bitrix24 I normally imort first into leads as these the data is not coming from a CRM and they are not yet contacts or companies.
However as the data is quite good it contains fields that cannot be imported into leads - for example salutation field, industry type and turnover.

Firstly how do I map these fields on an import to Leads and secondly if I do can they be converted to the correct fields in Contacts and Companies when the convert lead is done?

Many thanks

Multiple companies on single deal, Associating Multiple companies to a deal
Hi Yana

Just thought we might have moved forward a bit with this feature as I am looking at ZOHO which can achieve this using the 'roles' feature in Potentials

Also for the MAC platform Daylite CRM can also link multiple people and multiple companies to a deal

Any idea of when this might be looked at?
Multiple companies on single deal, Associating Multiple companies to a deal
How can I link more than one company to a deal?

In building specification projects there will be many companies associated with the deal/project and they all need to be linked to the same project/Deal

Some will be associated with many deals

For example and Architect and Electrical contractor are both named on one project and each may have other projects they are associated with

Any Ideas?

Catalogue and products, Prices for Order quantities and trade pricing
Hi Yana

Would really like the product catalogue to be updated so that it can be printed out / and / or reported on. When is this planned?

Also uploading of product photos would be really useful into catalogue.

Any news on this as I was hoping to see this happen in the sping update

Kind Regards

Number of new leads added, Reports on activity by sales people
Sorry Yana I dont quite understand

Do you mean from the reports section or on the CRM leads view and New Leads or My leads?

What do I enter into the box for ID?

No wait - think I have found it in the selection criterea CREATED after DATE gives me exactly what I was looking for

Thanks anyway YANA

Number of new leads added, Reports on activity by sales people

I am trying to get reports out of the CRM on the number of new leads added by each salesperson during a time period eg this month and YTD
Also number of new companies added - new deals added etc

I dont want the changes - just new entries - when first added to the Database - I am trying to find a way in reports / Events but not finding it working at the moment

Can you help please?


Adding Documents and proposals to Deals, Deal needs to show all proposal documents and link to them
Hi Guys

This is becoming more important all the time

I want to link or attach documents and pdfs to a deal and the deal field for files and docs only allows access to files on your local PC - the docs are already on Bitrix24 in Drive area where I can access them to send as attachments on email

But I cannot access them from a deal - I want to see all the docs related to a deal from the deal view itself and this seems pretty important

The alternative is to have a docs tab and put them all there but please can we have a least the link back to drive - At the moment I would have to load the doc back to the deal from the Bitrix local drive on the PC which is synced with Bitrix but what a round the houses way to get to the docs that are already on Bitrix

Any news on this please?
Email Formating, Email viewing in CRM
Hi Yana

In order to make the CRM work for all comunications it is very very important to have all the prospect/client email communications visible in one place

I am trying to move all my email communications to bitrix24 but this problem of formating is going to stop me in my tracks as I cannot read the emails

When is this problem going to be fix or the visual editor (whatever that is) upgraded please?

Is there another way to link outlook to the CRM/ Maybe i am missing something here

many thanks

Adding Documents and proposals to Deals, Deal needs to show all proposal documents and link to them
I have to try and link my proposal documents to the deal in the CRM and also send these documents to the Deal Client

I have uploaded proposal docs to an area in the Drive which allows me to access them as an attachement when sending and email from the deal view

but I cannot link the document to the deal - the file browser only looks at your local drive and not the Bitrix drive or cloud at all

This is odd as the email attachement gives you the option to attach files from either the local PC drive or Bitrix24 - this should be available to the files list on Deals as well

Can this be done any other way at all?
Email Formating, Email viewing in CRM
I am using send and saving with an email address for the CRM so that emails are arriving in the CRM against the lead / contact /deal

This is working but I am struggly to read the emails as the formatting has completely gone from the email and all that is left is a string of words, This is particularly dificult to read if
you forward an email to the crm from outside that contains a number of emails in the corrispondence - it all gets merged into one long string of words

even the footer on emails that normally contains legal disclaimer now becomes part of the email and makes it difficult to read.

I am not sure what is happening as other emails sent from within the CRM seem to format OK

It is very important to have all emails relating to a client in the same place and currently I am having to do both storage of emails in Outlook and also in Bitrix

Any suggestions please?

Purchase Order, Create simple Purchase Order
Yes I know this really lives with accounts but having a product library and the quotation system which seems to work very well - I am finding that we have no way to raise a simple Purchase Order and I have to tell the office to look at the quote and order the parts I have quoted there.

So the logical step is to raise a Purchase order based on the quote using the same product codes - next thing of course would then be stock control but lets not rush into that.

The PO would be nice though it could have the status - draft - approved - placed on order - received etc

Suppliers of course could be listed on the CRM with all contact details etc

Any one else think this might be useful for the smaller companies?
Simple contact report, Printed report from Bitrix on Contact details including address contacts deals etc
cannot this simple be added to the reports section ?

We have leads but not contacts or companies

companies by area by postcode by industry etc etc

Contacts by company , by area by responsible person etc etc

big hole in the reports section right there
New Address Fields, Change in address fields not converting with lead convertion

The new additional address fields are welcome but something is not working when converting a lead to a conrtact and company where address field appears to go blank

and is only one field available and showiing blank and not taking lead address through to contact or company

I normally copy and paste contact address to company address at the convert stage and now its gone

Can you help please

I have also just noticed that the tab LEADS seems to have disapeared from the company and contacts view. I am sure I used to be able to see the lead that created the company by clicking on a tab in company or contact view.

this was useful as meetings and calls against that company/comtact are recorded agaist the Lead and sometimes you need to go back and refer to this information - emails as well are there against the LEAD

Am I correct here?


Edited: Richard Duff - 03/30/2015 19:44:31
associating contacts to multiple companies

I have this problem with a local manager being the main point of contact against a company but an area manager being responsible for many sites/companies

I can add the contact details of the area manager to each site and they will appear in the company view for only one company

I tried to be clever and set up a company called the area manager with all the local managers as his contacts but then Bitrix unlinks them from the company they manage as they can only have one to one relationship.

A contact needs a many to many relationship with Companies

Not found a way around this yet but its going to get very confusing as I have 1000 companies potential split with 20 area managers and a 1000 local managers

Closed Deals and converted leads, Viewing non closed deals and non converted leads
Hi Guys

Dont panic I found the solution I think....

I did not realise one can hold the shift key down to select multiple selections on the status fields etc

So all I do is select all status up to closed won closed lost on the deals and then I see what I want

Same with Leads

Closed Deals and converted leads, Viewing non closed deals and non converted leads
Hi Guys

Is there a way to exclude or filter out the closed deals and the converted leads when view them in the main search page?

In deals one can search and sel ect by deal stage but not by exluding all closed deals - these are now history and there needs to be a way of excluding them fr om standard view.

Same issue arrises with converted leads - dont need to see them generally and at least neet to be able to filter them out but again one can only select by one status at a time
and not exclude those leads that are converted or indeed select all leads up to a particular stage

Any ideas how to declutter the view and only see relevant info ?


Photo Albums, Where to share Photos of projects etc
Hi Yana

I want to associate these photos with deals

I presently have all these photos on google drive and would like to add a link to the google drive folder in order to pop up the photographs

I cannot seem to add a custom field type url or link so tha I can do this

The my photos area will not solve this and I dont want to store high res files in bitrix when Google drive allows me to share the link easily

Uploading a set of photos to my photos leaves them hanging there - I dont see where I get the link from and how I give this link to others apart from emailing them.

Goolge drive also allows for zoom on the mouse wheel which means you can zoom to detail if needed - Bitrix photo album viewer has only two views zoom one and two
both not as zoomed in as Goolge can. How do you get full page view?

Edited: Richard Duff - 03/12/2015 16:10:23
multi site company, One company with many sites and area managers
Hi Guys

I am struggling to set up the CRM for a large company that has many sites (100+) all with their own manager contact also regional manager contact that covers a set of the sites.

There is one head office address but multiple site addresses with their own contact.

I cannot seem to link the area managers to more than one site or the head office to all the sites by use of contacts and conpanies which only allow one company per contact
I could set up each site as a contact but each site may have more that one person contact and then the name of the site gets lost in the name of the contact.

I could set the area manager and head office up as companies with multiple contacts being the site managers and area managers but it falls down on what site each site manager and area manager are responsible for

Any ideas ?


Richard Duff
Quotes in Mobile App, Quotations not showing in Mob App

I seem to be able to get most things from the CRM but not Quotes - how do I access my quotes on the Mobile app please?


CRM Ribbon
Hi Guys

I think it is important to understand the difference between a Lead and a Prospect - they are not the same;

A lead is an entity in your target market and is defined as something you are marketing to - normally as a one way conversation

A Prospect is an entity you have engaged with and there is a dialogue happening - they may now have expressed an interest.

In my CRM a lead is nurtured and turns into a prospect but is converted to a contact and a customer when a there is more certainty that a sale will result and therefor a deal needs now
to be tracked with timescales and stages tracked.

leads in Bitrix therefore in my instance can also be prospects - the confusion happens because the USA uses the english the othere way around stating that a prospect comes before a lead.

In the UK it is always Lead then suspect then prospect then client.


Catalogue and products, Prices for Order quantities and trade pricing
Hi Guys

When are we going to be able to print the price list out / catalogue?

Also why can we not copy a product to creat a new product when they are very similar same as customer lead or deal etc?

When can we upload pictures of products?

Perhaps a product or catalogue report showing all products and prices?


quotes standard text, Default text on quotes
Hi Yana

What is defined as a main field please?

Need some standard text that can be printed on every quote apart from printing the following on each quote - these fields exist but dont print anywhere it seems?

VAT registration No
Company Registration No
quotes standard text, Default text on quotes
I have managed to get the address printing when added to the settings of the quote form

but cannot get VAT number Company number or registered in to print out

Also where do I put 'Quote Valid for 30 Days'

and price subject to VAT at 20% ??
quotes standard text, Default text on quotes
Hi guys

I want to have standard conditions of sale printed on the quotes and want to use the fields in conditions and content as these can be printed on the quote in the right place

trouble is I have to type these in for every quote when they are always the same. I suppose I could copy one quote to another but I would then be left with a lot of editing

I just want the text to be standard - how can I achieve this please?

A forced Bitrix24 signature in outcoming emails??, We've discovered today that Bitrix adds a advertising signature to outcoming email...!
Yes I agree

I was surprised to see this suddenly appear on the free version at the bottom of outgoing emails.

The word 'free' is not a helpful advert to our clients and prospects - it more or less tells them we cant afford a 'proper' CRM

an we not lose the word free and change to 'best' - I am not so much worried about the advertising but more about free

Email Template signatures, Sharing Email Templates with Sales people
The email template needs to pick up the responsible persons contact details including Name, Position, phone numbers and email address

This information already exists in employee file where the responsible person's details exist - so perhaps we can link to that data?
Email Template signatures, Sharing Email Templates with Sales people

I want  to set templates up that other sales people can use. This seems to allowed as you can set access for use by just yourself or anyone. But it does not allow for the fact that each
salesperson with have a different email sigature with different contact details at the bottom of their email.

I can get access to #responsible person as a footer but need the phone numbers and other details to print on the outgoing email as well which are different for each sales person.

How can this be done please
Catalog, Product Catalog pictures and printing

What is the specification for the picture both preview and full that can be attached each product in the catalogue please?

Is there a way to print out the product calalog by section etc

Many thanks
Email message advert, Footer on emails sent from Bitrix24
I Noticed this marketing message now appears on emails sent from the CRM;

"Sent by [URL=][/URL] - world's most popular free CRM and client management solution"

Do I have to have this message on all sent emails ?

Does is disappear on the paid versions?

Many thanks

Invoice security, Invoice view print and download accessibility
[QUOTE]Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Richard!

Yes, good you've found out about the access permissions yourself.
[QUOTE]Would still be nice to log in as users to test this and also add/edit their email templates for them etc[/QUOTE]
Are you talking about the point that admins now have no access to users intranet accounts?

[/QUOTE]Yes when I set up users and change their access permissions and also lock records and change other access to records I cannot log in as the other intranet user to see what they see and make sure I have set things up correctly.

Also I would like to set up user email templates with logo and standard text for users and cannot do this either.

even setting up integration to email is difficult for some users and quicker of administrator can do this.

cant see a way of loggin in as another user now
Invoice security, Invoice view print and download accessibility
Its seems I should have looked harder as security for access to invoices would appear to be in accessibility area.

Would still be nice to log in as users to test this and also add/edit their email templates for them etc
Invoice security, Invoice view print and download accessibility
Hi Guys

Invoices do not appear to be secure from users access, for example a salesperson would appear to be able to view,print and download invoices from another salesperson.

Is there any restriction or security at all with the invoice system?


photographs linked to deals, photographs

I am trying link a number of photographs to a customer deal by using settings and new fields but cannot see a way to do this

photos seem only to be in groups - how do i reference an album in deals pleas?
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