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CRM integration with external DBs
A temporary partial solution until some permanent solution to external data integration would be to allow the Import Excel, Import CSV and add data API to allow data to be updated - maybe this can be done, please let me know if it can.

It would be very simply for the Excel or CSV file or the form connected to the API to include the Lead Name or Company name in field / column 1, plus required data to be added / updated in subsequent fields.

Thanks Colin K
Incorrect time/date format, Error when adding event
I am also in the UK, today is 26/12/12

I have only started using Britix24 today, and have not really considered the date format until reading this post.

I am concerned about the lack of speed in dealing with this issue.

Admin acknowledged the date format issue in July, stating implementation this year (you only have 5 days left).

Further admin questions suggest lack of understanding of international date formats, then on 21 Dec Admin Anna said she would pass the issue to development.

Have I been reasonable in my criticism of how this issue has been dealt with?

Are things usually this slow?

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